Scuttlebutt: Indoor Rock Climbing Wall Possibly Coming to Penn Quarter

On Friday I headed down to Penn Quarter to follow up on a reader tip about a new Panini place coming to town. And indeed Amorini Panini is coming to 906 F Street NW.

But I also happened to stop into the storefront next door, 908 F St, NW, announcing an antique sale:

At first it looks like a standard store front but when you walk to the back (see first photo) you can see it is gigantic. The guy running the antique sale said that a group from California had recently visited the space to determine if it would be a good spot for a gym including a huge indoor climbing wall. I think an indoor climbing wall in this huge location would be fantastic. What do you guys think – would it be successful at this location?

I’ll be sure to update when/if a deal is signed at this location (and of course, when the panini place opens.)

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  • I would definitely dust off my climbing gear and check it out!

  • This would be more successful in Columbia Heights.

      • Because these are so many climbers in Columbia Heights its crazy. I am always bumping into neighbors at Carter Rock.

        • if you ( and so many others) go all the way out to carderock why wouldn’t many people go to Gallery Place which has more transit options and more people on a daily basis?

  • I probably won’t be using the rock wall. I’m not such a big fan of climbing back down after I get to the top.

    • They usually have a line you can slide down after you reach the top. Climbing back down is usually optional.

  • I love the Sportrock climbing gym in Alexandria but my visits have waned the last year because of the distance. A sweet wall nearby would be HUGE!

  • I hope it is going to be an indoor climbing gym. I’ve made it out to the Alexandria one a few times but I’m hesitant to join because of the distance. I think one downtown would have so much business that it might be too crowded. I’m crossing my fingers!

  • YES PLEASE on the climbing wall. I hate having to drive to Sportrock. It is my dream to have close-by indoor climbing.

  • In theory, a climbing gym in DC is a fantastic idea, especially for the main reason already mentioned, that is that the climbing gyms in the DC area are pretty far outside the city. For those of us who don’t own cars, getting there and back in the evenings after work is a challenge.

    As suggested by other readers, there are a number of people in the city who would like to climb at a local gym. For a climbing gym to be successful in DC, though, and do a good job of attracting local climbers, I think it needs to be competitive with Sportrock and Earthtreks in terms of amenities. That would include things like a bouldering area, a lead climbing area, and maybe even yoga classes. Not sure if all that would fit into the space you show above.

    • I think the bouldering and lead areas would be good enough. Isn’t DC oversaturated enough with yoga studios?

  • Climbing walls are so 1995. This space would be better if it became a frozen yogurt shop.

  • I think having a proper rock climbing wall anywhere in the vicinity of DC would be amazing. This particular location would be great as its central to major metro lines, and also super close to my office. I love Sportrock buts its pretty far out there if I just wanna get a climb in.

  • preferably one that also serves gourmet burgers and cupcakes.

  • YES, please bring a climbing gym to DC! There are a lot of climbers in DC that go to Earthtreks or Sportrock. You’ll take their business, and that serves them right for not thinking to open a gym in DC. There most certainly is a market for it here, and I’m sure there would be people that would go there on their lunch break, after work, weekends whatever.

    I would like to see them incorporate some of the ameneties that I take for granted at Earthtreks though: a gym, yoga, member classes, group trips.

    Yes! I am excited!

  • Any one know the company that was looking at the space? Perhaps we can start petitioning to have them buy the space.

  • There’s also a good space one block from the shaw metro. There’s an abandoned hostess / wonder bread factory there (s and 7th nw?) that seems like it’s just begging to become a climbing gym.

  • I’d go 3x a week. Can you please provide more info I’d love to contact the owner and show support.

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