Return of the Petworth Farmers Market June 25th – Columbia Heights Market Starts June 5th

The new Petworth Farmers Market will take place on 9th Street NW between Taylor and Upshur Streets, NW

From the ANC4C Newsletter:

“An application by Petworth Community Market for a $3000 grant for start-up costs was approved unanimously by ANC4C at its last meeting May 11, 2010. The market will be held on Fridays from 3-7 pm at 9th Street NW between Taylor and Upshur Streets. The opening day is planned for Friday, June 25, pending the necessary permits.”

Photo by PoPville flickr user Mr. T in DC

And the Columbia Heights Marketplace will start June 5th from 9am – 2pm at the Civic Plaza at 14th Street and Park Road, NW.

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  • SusanRH

    With all the road construction going on in Columbia Heights, where in the world are the vendors going to go? It is going to make the existing traffic nightmare 100 times worse.

  • who cares. walk.

  • who cares. walk.

  • Is the Petworth farmers market going to be on fridays or saturdays? The text says fridays, but the sign in the photo says saturdays.

  • why is this at the exact same time as the Mount Pleasant farmer’s market? This would be much better on a Sunday or any other time that there isn’t a great Farmer’s market two blocks away.

  • petworth fm on friday’s? what a shame. by default i bet the ch one will get loads more traffic due to the convenience of the day.

    • There are plenty of farmers markets on saturday and sunday mornings to go to. but a lot of people like to do things then. a weekday evening is the perfect time for the petworth market to attract customers (and vendors). they’ll get people on the north side of petworth who can’t make takoma park’s and on the south side that can’t make CH’s.

  • Everyone should attend this Sat Columbia Heights Market. Its brand new and needs our support to continue into future years.

    • Everyone should boycott it until it moves to Sunday. Yes I’m bitter. I don’t like going to Dupont on Sunday and Bloomingdale is not walkable from my world. We already have U Street and Mt. P on Saturdays.

  • Bork der bork shmuurg.

  • shweeney, you’re an idiot. Boycotting the best thing to come to that strip of 9th Street because it’s not at the time you would prefer is stupid. I am ecstatic that we are getting a farmers market, WHATEVER day of the week it starts as, or eventually gets moved to, after losers like you complain about everything.

  • Just to clarify, as the use of the picture is very confusing…The Petworth Farmers Mkt will be held ever FRIDAY from 3-7pm, with a projected start date of June 25th.

  • I’m so excited to hear that there will finally be a farmer’s market in Petworth! Our neighborhood is getting better and better. We should all come out to support this positive change!

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