Reader Submitted Smartbike Update

“Dear PoP,

Just got this update from Smartbike, thought you might want to share w/ the rest of your readers. It’s vague, but it’s a start! I’d love a little more explanation about the charging in 30 min increments (on top of the annual membership? That’s lame), and a better name for the program, as the attached factsheet (see below) links to a survey for potential names.”

Bike Share q and a fact sheet for smartbike members

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  • 1000 bikes and 100 stations in DC!

    This is a huge improvement. It’s going to be great, I can’t wait.

  • The Bixi system in Montreal (on which this new system is based) is spectacular and will actually allow tourists to rent bikes without a membership fee.

    In MTL is first 30 minutes free then $1.50 for each additional 30 minutes. More expensive than Smartbike yet, but you’re getting a much better system.

  • My experience in Montreal was so fantastic, I can’t wait for Bixi to come to DC! SmartBike was failed from the start with so few stations and the barrier of a membership fee.

  • The purpose of the 30 minute increment pricing system is to encourage people to return the bike to a station while they are running an errand. This makes more cycles available for users and maximizes their use.

    With most trips being two miles or less and hopefully with sufficient station placement, this should also be easy. You pick up a bike at your origin and drop it off at your destination. If you are running quick errands, the clock typically resets after 15 minutes anyway! If you want a bike for longer, there are other options such as full blown bike rentals which are available at various places throughout the city.

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