Reader Scuttlebutt: Chef Formerly of Vidalia to Open New Rest. on 14th St, NW? 1612 14th St, NW to Become a Fastfood Spot?

Photo of Vidalia’s bar by flickr user Neeta Lind

“Dear PoP,

I was at an event with chef RJ Cooper, who just left Vidalia two days ago ( He said that he’s opening his own restaurant, Pigtails, and that he’s 90% sure it will go into the 14th Street strip. I suggested he look into the vacant 100% Mexico spot that was supposed to be Barton Seaver’s Diamond District Seafood. He said that he had looked there, but that the spot will become a fast food restaurant. He didn’t get more specific about what type of fast food.”

1612 14th St, NW to become a fast food restaurant? I’m still waiting for news of the triumphant return of 100% Mexico to this spot.

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