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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every Monday and Friday. So anything good happen to you this weekend?

I’m happy to pass on the good news that Leo the dog was found:

“Just wanted to let you know so you can tell your readers that Leo was found this morning (alive and well)! Our landlady/housemate and her 2 dogs spotted him on Belmont in Adams Morgan just a few houses down from where he lives and she was able to lure him in with treats before calling the owners (or maybe the sitters). I have talked with so many people in the area who were worried about Leo so I know a lot of people will be relieved to hear this!”

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  • I spotted a beautiful tree today!

  • rant: what is with metro?! i know it’s having budget issues, but the level of service seems to get worse by the day. broken escalators seem to outnumber working ones, the the system is totally devoid of any transparency.

  • *and the system

  • That’s wonderful news about Leo. So happy he’s made it home!!!

  • Rant: Why can’t the U.S. Men’s National Team figure out how to defend during the first 20 minutes of a major international match?

    Rave: The U.S. played some great ball, left some good memories from this year and got out of their group at the World Cup. I’m looking forward to great things in the future.

    • I think their defense was suspect from the beginning, it was their weakest link otherwise we would be looking forward to the gay with Uruguay and thinking of a possibility to be in the semis… oh well, there is always the next world cup.

  • Rant: I had a muffin and juice for breakfast this AM. And now I have heartburn WTF body.

    Rave: Groupon over the weekend for a 20 dollar one month membership to the Y (plus 2 personal training sessions and a 25 dollar gift cert towards their other programs) that I’m heading to take advantage of. Hopefully I can motivate myself to go daily and take advantage of it!

    Rave2: My birthday is on Friday! I can finally rent a car. And have a quarter life crisis.

    • Rant – I tried to get the ‘Y’ groupon but it was no longer available.
      Rant – NATS swept by the O’s, really?

      Rave – Soccer, Caribbean Parade, Concert in B-more (Center Stage great venue) , good food, anticipating long weekend

  • Rant: Meridian Pint still not open.

  • RAVE: I had one of the best times in memory at the Biergarten Haus on Saturday afternoon. That place has the best atmosphere of any bar I’ve been to in the city. The only negatives are that it gets SILLY crowded really early in the evening, and it’s way too easy to drink way too much with those big beer mugs.

  • Rant: People who insist on peeing in the alley near our house, then when I yell at them to stop, say something ridiculous like “You don’t know me!”. What the hell does that have to do with anything?!

    So, what’s with black people and the “you don’t know me” excuse? This may sound racist (and I’m sure someone will flame me for it), but I have never, ever, ever, ever heard a white or latino bum use this line to excuse ignorant behavior. Can someone please explain?

    • A strategically placed garden hose tends to solve a lot of these problems.

      • I would love to hose those f-ers down like a dog, but I never catch them in time… I’m hopeful, though!

        • Eh, the mere threat of it usually dissuades people.

          My old man did it to a couple of Virginians who decided to argue with him on his front lawn one time. Man that was an awesome day.

    • I think he was just stating a fact that you didn’t know him. I mean really, did you know the guy?

      • My guess is that the pee-er was complaining that the guy shouldn’t tell him not to pee in the alley because he doesn’t know him.

        It’s kind of a ridiculous argument.

      • good point. I honestly don’t know him.

        maybe I should have asked him to come chat on my porch for a spell so we could get to know each. I could find out why he pees in the street like a dog, and he could find out why the stink of hot, stale urine offends me… 🙂

      • ah

        Is it an excuse or a “what are you going to do about it?” Because if you don’t know him what are you going to tell the cops?

        • it’s presented as an excuse.

          I mean, I understand what he’s getting at: “you don’t know me, you don’t know my life, so you have no right to judge me.” I just think it’s seriously lame and shameful. And this was no kid. He had grey hair. He’s probably been coughing up lame excuses his whole life and wonders why “The Man” keeps him down.

          My captcha: “the minister”. I guess I am being preachy, huh?

          • For the folks that do not speak “peeing in the alley”, you dont know me simply means watch what you say to me. The reference is that since you dont know me, watch what you say to me or the tone you say it in…..

            Next week we will cover ancient language “shitting in the alley”.

          • bellbottoms is right. “you dont know me” means – i ll fuck u up whitey, so i am goin pee anyway

          • Except they won’t really f you up. How often do you see that happen?

            And like someone else said, hoses are surprisingly effective as non-lethal weapons. Despite being almost entirely harmless, a shot of cold water will send people running.

          • It means “You don’t know my mother/gramma/dad/minister/sister” so I am going to pee and you have no way to shame me among the people who DO know me. In in whose alley I probably would not pee.
            But I would not use the hose however tempting it may be. You don’t want them to come back and “pop a cap in your ass.”

          • Eh, most of the guys peeing in the alley are too drunk to remember what happened and no one pays them any mind anyway.

            However, I wouldn’t encourage my wife to grab the hose.

          • Yes, I was with a guy in college who said that. “Man she don’t know me, why does she have a right to judge?” and I responded like I always do, “Judging people is a good thing, it keeps society in-line so it doesn’t devolve into chaos.” And of course he kept saying that no one has a right to judge him until they walk a mile in his shoes.

            Uh, NO, everyone can judge you any time they feel like so you better always act polite and be on good behavior!

            [Shrugs] It’s a white thing, you just wouldn’t understand.

    • Here is a link to a video of a man getting confronted after attempting to steal a bike. The thief responds: “You better get on your bike before I beat yo ass.”


      Too funny!

  • Rave: I installed my floating desk and french doors to my office. I’m 1 coat of paint and some baseboard trim away from having a quiet, organized place to work at home.

    Rant: I haven’t been outside to do anything other than walk the dog or run errands in like 3 weeks. I know I’m a total weeny, but this heat sucks.

  • rant: red line this morning – i guess i should stick with green
    rant2: i’m with ragged dog, this weather makes me want to not leave my house! i think i may start taking days off during the week that are under 90 degrees just to get outside a bit more
    rave: I’m glad Leo was found!

  • Rave – Good news about Leo the dog!

    Rant – the heat, humidity and lack of rainfall are taking a toll on my garden (and me).

  • Sooo happy for Leo!!!

  • My husband cheated on me with strippers (one worked at that nasty ass House place) and we’re divorcing. Yay me!

    • you should just find a nice lad to get it on with and call it even.

    • No where to go but up.

      All my divorced friends who didn’t fight for the money later regretted it. Just a thought….

  • That’s a rant by the way, in case anyone was confuddled.

  • Rave: Biergarten Haus is as awesome as I thought it would be.
    Rant: Biergarten Haus got a lot less awesome for about 20 minutes while they were emptying the port-o-potty behind the patio around 7:30pm on Sat. Though I’m sure those who got a table due to the exodus would rave. We stuck it out.
    Rant: Echoing the complaint about Meridian Pint’s delayed opening
    Rave: People dressed as Navi in the parade Sat was hilarious/awesome
    Rant: The streets are littered with even more chicken bones than usual that my dog can spot from half a block away. I blame Sweet Mango’s awesome jerk chicken and outdoor tent for the parade.
    Rant: It’s seriously a little less hot than a sauna outside.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: Still loving the World Cup! My teams are advancing!
    Rant: What do to when all my fav teams start playing each other?
    Rave: My little window garden is doing nicely. Thought the dill was a goner, but it’s hanging in!

  • Rant – Monday came too fast. Again. Is the holiday weekend here yet?

    Rave – Great housewarming party this weekend. Playing hostess occasionally makes me feel like I’ve taken women’s lib back a few decades, but I like to see happy guests! Raspberry gin rickey and minted grapefruit bourbon punch are now tied for my new favorite summer drink.

    Rant – I don’t have a delicious drink in my hand right now. If only post-lunch drinks were still socially acceptable in the office.

  • Tragic casualty of the heat wave: my car. Why, god, why?? I mean… it was only 17!!

    Rantiest of all rants: Now I have to buy another car. There is nothing I hate more in the world than buying cars. Not even looking for jobs. Not even going to the lady-doctor.

    (And yes, I do need a car, for kid/school reasons.)

    • saf

      Do you have a credit union? I got my last car through the buying service at my credit union. It was great.

    • i just bought a car this year. if you are buying from a dealer, check their rates. it was way better than my credit union.

  • GiantSquid

    Rant/Rave: Work computer is still sick so working from home third day in a row. I like having my own space and windows however it’s lonely.

    Rant: Apparently didn’t get our June Pepco bill, so lumped in with the already high July one, Pepco has pwned us.

    Rant: Car’s check engine light came on. Dealer says two valves and a timing belt will cost us $3K+

    Rave: Let me get back to you on that one…

  • Rave: Leo was found!

    Rave: It’s finally raining – my lawn will be so happy

    Rant: Commuting home in the rain blows

  • Rant: The Best Buy at Columbia Heights is terrible. Why bother to open the store if you aren’t even going to stock the items advertised for sale in the WP inserts?

    Rave: It’s raining. My garden needs this SO bad.

  • RANT: hot as &^%* weather.
    RAVE: Lazy Sunday.

  • Rant: Gentrification

    Rave: Caribbean Day Parade. Loved the beautiful black women out there!

  • Rave: Yeah, Leo is home.

    Rave2: Spent the weekend in OC. It was 85, no bugs, great crabs, shrimp and oysters. Just sun, cool water and great boogie board waves. More people than usual even for the weekend before the 4th. Everyone was talking about getting in beach time before the oil slick enters the Atlantic current. Kind of sad.

  • RANT: metro fare increases. wtf.
    RANT: been frantically looking for a job, getting very afraid i won’t get one soon enough.
    RAVE: got the very last parking spot on my block during street cleaning this morning 🙂

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