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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every Monday and Friday. So anything good happen to you this week?

How have your World Cup watching experiences been? Anyone find a great venue to watch the games? As a supporter of France (and USA of course) it has been a tough week for me…

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  • Is the U.S. going to get out of its group or WHAT?

    Now they have to beat Algeria. If they can’t do that, they don’t deserve to move on to the next round.

  • SusanRH

    Rant: the Ref in the USA game costing us the win
    Revel: USA having the heart to come back from being 2 down.

    • that and the ridiculous calls that led to the crazy outcome in the Germany-Serbia game.

      RANT: crazy refs all around today!

  • Rant: My poor sick kitty is no longer suffering.
    Rest in peace, Burbank Spiffers 4/1998 – 6/2010
    Am taking several days off for grieving. This is tough.

    Rave: My girlfriend has been very supportive.

    Rant: I wish I had a rocket launcher with enough rockets for every car on our block with a touchy car alarm.

    Rant: Isn’t it ironic that some in the GOP, the party of small government, are apoligizing to BP? If BP isn’t held responsible for funding the cleanup, who is? Yes, us.

  • How can you support France? They “qualified” thanks to a handball by Henry which knocked out Ireland.
    I hope they get crashed by South Africa.
    (Sorry PoP, had to vent)

  • Rant: I don’t have a job. I’d really like a job now. I’d also like my father, man, and best friends to all get jobs too. Oooooh the economy.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Pop is for France. And I wanted to have his babies. *sigh* no more.
    Rant: I haven’t found a good place to watch games either. Boo!
    Rant: Missed most of the Germany game because the neighbors kept me up with their loud baby making. Dude, give her a pillow to bite!
    Rave: I haven’t been fired yet, even though I’ve got World Cup fever.
    Rave: The Saints are raffling off one of their Super Bowl Rings for charity and I’m going to win!
    Rave: The Saints are even going to pay the taxes on the ring for the winner (me!).
    Bright side: If they fire me for World Cup fever, I can to go the World Cup!

  • Rave: USA making an incredible comeback to stay alive in the World Cup.

    Rant: USA not winning because of a terrible, indefensible call.

  • Rave: restorative yoga, picked my first pepper, friend in town for a few days, beautiful day to be sitting on my front porch and working from home.

    Advance rave for BayScaping being installed Monday morning [through DDOE’s RiverSmart Homes program].

    Rant: dropped a gargoyle on my toe = big ouch

    • we’re getting a rain garden from them! Very cool.

      • This is a great program! Casey Trees has already planted my shade tree. I wanted a rain garden as well but my space isn’t big enough.

        • yeah, we wanted more, but didn’t qualify for the other stuff (no space for Bayscaping and we already had rain barrels).

          Enjoy the garden!

  • Rant: Who set the hours for the Petworth spray park, what drugs were they on, how many years had it been since they had seen a kid (let alone had one of their own), and why on earth would they condense the hours even more as the summer arrives?

    According to DPR’s website, the park will only be open on weekdays starting Monday, and even then only until 7. And the two times we’ve high-tailed it over there to make it on a Saturday after naps and before it closed, the stream coming out was worse than that of a prostate cancer patient. What gives?

    As one parent said on Saturday, “the only working parents who are going to be able to enjoy this damn park are the ones who have nannies, and they’ve all got private pools anyhow.” Argh and argh.

    • Bummer! Try the spray park at Friendship Heights Rec Center (Turtle park 45th and Van Ness.) Yes you will have to drive, but that park is awesome anyway.
      Upshur Pool also has a huge baby pool.

  • Rant: Laying people off. It makes me feel like a terrible person even though I fought so long to try to make it not happen. Failure stinks. A lot.

    Rave: Today is Friday and I plan on throwing myself into gardening until I drop this weekend, no matter what the weather brings. If only money grew on trees and my green thumb was good for something other than my sanity.

    • I have a lot of empathy for your rant. I have had to do it before, too and it is a completely wretched experience that I hope never to repeat again. No, few staff truly understand just how hard some leaders fight to save their people behind closed doors. At least you are one of the ones who gives a damn and rises to that challenge. You know all to well how some managers take the cavalier ‘this is the modern work place and people should just be used to this by now’ position on lay offs. Appauling! Good for you for caring and for trying, Cait. Enjoy your gardening this weekend.

      • Thanks for the empathy, Gretchen. It is appreciated more than you know. Hope your weekend is wonderful, too!

  • I’m psyched – just signed up to be considered for barrels and a shade tree!

    • Go to a hardware store and get yourself a low pressure soaker hose. One with holes pre drilled in it. It makes the barrel 10x more useful.

      • I tried that, but I think the barrel didn’t have enough pressure to squeeze out the water… any tips? how is yours set up? is it really high up?

        • My barrel sits on cinder blocks about 8″ above the ground. Not all soaker hoses are made the same. You have to get the hoses with the really big holes in them. Maybe 1/4″ diameter. I got mine at Ginkgo Garden I think.

  • Rave: T-minus 2 days of effort (a little sanding and a little painting) until I have my basement office in use. I’m heading to ikea tomorrow for furniture. I’m so geeked out over it.

    Rant: Interest groups/lobbyists. I think I’ve been watching too much TV lately.

  • rant: world cup reffing. the us was straight up robbed today.

    rant: Shaky US defending.

    rave: the US showed hear to come back and can advance w a good performance against Algeria.

  • Rant: As DPW is no longer allowed to take their garbage trucks down the alley I live on, and thus collects all the cans put in the alley down at the end (where I live)…COME DRAG YOUR DAMN CANS BACK TO YOUR HOSUE PEOPLE within a day or so, NOT right before the next trash collection so you can fill it and it gets left for the rest of the week outside my patio. They smell and block my gate. Ok, I feel better now.

  • Rant: TOO COLD IN MY OFFICE! They crank up the AC in the afternoon and we have no control over it. I’m going to have to start wearing long sleeve shirts to work.

  • Anybody know a good photographer that does weddings? And doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. Is it just me or $3000 way too much?

    • depends on what you get for 3000. you only get married once.

      maybe four times.

    • I don’t know what he charges, but Joe Shymanski http://www.joeshymanski.com/ did my friend’s wedding and he was very very good. He also has a stall at eastern market where he sells his photography on the weekends if you want to go meet him.

    • The real question on photographers is are they going to give you a cd (or negatives) without watermarks on them?

      Are you going to be able to print off whatever images you want or are you going to have to pay the photographer for a package deal each time you want another picture made.

      If you get the rights to the images, then $3,000 is actually quite reasonable (depending on quality).

      • So maybe it is just me? I’m willing to accept that possibility, never having investigated such things before.

        But good point on the rights to prints. I hadn’t figured that into my equation.

        Thanks for the tips d00ds!

        • We spent +$5k but we got an -awesome- photographer.

          I would recommend negotiating for a CD of the RAW images only as the deliverable. Then you can print as many or as few of the pictures as you want. If you’re guests want pictures, they can just have them printed out themselves too.

          There’s a lot of cost built into delivering prints that’s unnecessary with today’s internet printing options.

    • $3k seems like a lot to me.

      Tips: get a photographer who will work for an hourly rate, then turn the memory cards over to you at the end of the event. Do not… it bears repeating… DO NOT buy in to one of those packages that comes with a set number of reproductions, forcing you to pay extra for any extra prints you want. Most standard wedding photographers retain the rights to your pictures, so that you can’t ever get copies without paying them. This practice must be discouraged.

      If you can find a photographer who will shoot for an hourly rate, (someone else can weigh in on what that might be… $250/hour perhaps?) and do all the prints and album-making yourself, you will save beaucoup bucks.

    • My good friend Jason did some photography for my sister and I as a Christmas gift for my parents last year. We had a great time! He also does weddings and is flexible when it comes to digital copywriting, printing etc. Good luck!

  • Rave: LAKERS!!!!!!!!!

  • rave: go Dow Jones!

  • I don’t know what he charges, but Joe Shymanski http://www.joeshymanski.com/ did my friend’s wedding and he was very very good. He also has a stall at eastern market where he sells his photography on the weekends if you want to go meet him.

  • Rant: I went to the frozen yogurt place on F and 11th the other day. I don’t know the name because, honestly, they are all named basically the same thing.

    It’s a self serve place. You grab your cup. You put your yogurt in said cup. You put your toppings on. Then you put your item on the scale. The person at the counter then tells you the number that you can clearly already see. You hand them your money and maybe they hand you change.

    So far, so good, right?

    There is a tip jar up by the register.

    So I wonder, is this for me? Have the people who will presumably come after me learned to appreciate how I have done a pretty good job of keeping things clean and that I have wiped up any mess that I may have made? That’s awesome. It must be this way, right?

    It’s not like the person at the counter can think I will tip them for something, can they?

    What is up with people thinking that everybody (but me) should be tipped?

    • FroZen Yo? And no I never tip there. I never tip at Starbucks either. I only tip if you bring something to a table where I am physically sitting and I’d be a bitch if I didn’t.

      • Why would you not tip someone doing you a service, even if it is getting you a coffee rather than a meal?

        Even the change you get back on your $5 coffee at a Starbucks adds up and is very appreciated. Working a counter is often not a pleasant or particularly well paying job. Granted, you’re likely to make more than wait staff as your base pay, but still – if someone is nice and serves you right, I hope you’ll consider leaving a tip.

        • do you tip the deli person at safeway?

          how about the hostess for seating you?
          do you tip the mechanic for changing your oil?

        • The guy assembling my burger at McDonald’s is also proving a service and tips aren’t expected there. The accountant doing my taxes is providing a service and he’s not expecting a tip either.

          The sit-down restaurant industry is set up so that servers have a below minimum wage pay-rate with the expectation that they will receive tips. Other service industries (fast food, CPA firms, etc) are not set up this way and employees are paid accordingly. For that reason, unless someone goes out of their way to give spectacular service: no tip.

        • Yes, the money certainly does add up. That’s my issue. It’s my money so I would like it to add up in my pocket.

          The fact that somebody’s job is unpleasant doesn’t mean that I should have to tip them. I can assure you that my job is unpleasant and I’ve never been tipped.

          If they aren’t paid adequatelythen they should take it up with their employer (not with mine).

          I tip somebody who is alone with my food (servers, etc) only because I am afraid of them being alone with my food.

          • me

            Agreed! And to add onto that, I am upset that tipping 20% has become the norm, and no matter how awful the service is, it’s understood that you should give them 20%. I know that they have a very low wage to begin with, but if, for example, you are one of two couples that are in a restaurant, the waitress stands in a corner talking with other waitresses, a busboy (not even the waitress) brings cold food, she doesn’t come back until we’re ready for the check, and is just somewhat rude, she still gets upset and chases you out of the restaurant to yell at you because you only left a couple of bucks. My favorite? Yes, we were one of the only two couples in the restaurant, seated at a small table alongside of the wall (I had a chair, the husband was on a bench seat along the wall). The only other couple was seated 10 minutes after we got there, RIGHT NEXT TO US. Sigh.

  • i’m always surprised when supposed progressive people use the term NIMBY derisively.

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