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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every Monday and Friday. So anything good happen to you this weekend?

I’ll start with a rant which many have noticed – the site was down for 4 hours this morning. The problem has been identified and should be completely resolved shortly. I’m sorry for the inconvenience, it was driving me crazy as well! Thanks to my IT guy for being patient with me when I lost my mind for a bit. So posting will go back to a normal schedule this evening. Thanks again for understanding.

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  • RAVE: World Cup this week!
    RANT: How do I justify taking Friday morning off to see Mexico pound South Africa to my bosses and wife?
    RANT: My wife does not understand my need to see every minute of every game. Jeesh, come on!

  • RAVE: The menu is out, Biergarten Haus will have Obatzda!

    RANT: Large group of Bicyclists heading east on H ST during Friday rush-hour. Filtering through traffic and scraping up against cars at the lights. Running lights (even at North Capitol = whole new level of stupid), and blocking all 3 lanes going up the hopscotch bridge at a snails pace. Way to make all cyclists look like tools guys and gals…

    • yeah, for some (notice, I said “some”) cyclists, the term “Share the road” only applies to cars.

    • @anon: That was Critical Mass, a once a month event where bikes take over the road, only once a month. The ride hadn’t gone to that part of town before, and a rider was doored on purpose and another was beaten by people who got out of a car. The point of CM is to raise awareness that just maybe, one day a month, we can let the bikes have the run of the road. And this time it turned violent.

      • Critical mass goes around SF too (where I lived for a while). They like to ride around and basically gum up the city, often during rush hour, to “raise awareness” of bicyclists.

        Like any advocacy group that uses aggression and force, they tend to hurt their cause more than help it. Its largely counter-productive to be aggressive toward the people who’s attitudes you’re trying to change. And aggression begets aggression, so you’re likely to see a lot nastiness from both motorists and bicyclists during these orchestrated events.

        God help you if you’re walking.

        • Aggression begets aggression? I’ll remember that the next time a cab driver cuts me off. I assume it gives me carte blanche to drag him from his car and beat the living pulp out of him?

          • I don’t think he was saying it *justifies* aggression. Just that if you’re aggressive to people, you’re likely to receive aggression in return.

          • I don’t care what you do to cabbies…Try falling down in the road and calling the cops.

      • “…only once a month…”

        As if infrequency excuses asinine behavior?

        “…a rider was doored on purpose and another was beaten…”

        Normally, I’d be sympathetic (I’m a motor-cyclist), but given the behavior I saw from the cyclists, all I can say is “Karma’s a bitch.”

        • I supposed you’d say the same thing if someone rammed into a Rolling Thunder participant and kicked his ass? After all, it’s just once a year, but that’s no excuse for bad behavior. Those motorcyclists have it coming to them. Those scofflaws. If only they’d obey the law, they wouldn’t be singled out and beaten for the actions of motorcyclists as a whole.

          For the record, I witnessed an out-of-state motorcycle cop close a ramp to get across the Key Bridge to DC during Rolling Thunder so hundreds of motorcycles could get across the bridge unimpeded. In that case, is it just the cop that deserves to get shoved off his motorcycle or every biker who made the cars wait?

          • Yep. They were running red lights while they were caravanning through the city. I can’t believe they come here to honor soldiers and they treat DC like that. Douchebaggery.

  • Rave: Had a fantastic two week vacation in Europe!
    Rant: Back at work today….
    Rave: Now that I’m back in the States, I can finally get a Ginormous mug of steaming black coffee! No more dinky demitasses for me! I don’t care how good the espresso is, I just want a bucket o’ joe, hvala.

  • RANT: Streets blocked off for race for the cure. Can we have 1 weekend where we can commute across town without a detour?

  • Rave: Went to the Yes! in Petworth this weekend for the first time and was shocked to see how nice it is! My whole opinion of the chain has changed. The one on Capitol Hill is an awful, cramped dump. I’m not going to start going to Petworth to shop, but I’ll definitely be stopping in when I’m over that way.

    Rave: Lucked into awesome tickets for tomorrow night’s Nats game. I was going to buy the New Era package anyway, but a friend had extras for tomorrow so I get to watch Strasburg’s debut up close!

  • Rant: I’m grumpy and it makes me hate people. Naturally, today is the day that everyone at work wants to talk to me.

    Double Rant: I work with a bunch of God damned morning people.

  • Rant: I’ve read the term “soft opening” quite a bit lately here and elsewhere and I think it’s starting to creep me out a bit.

    Revel: Good weather this week.

  • Rave: A great week on Evans Island.

    Rant: Back in the office and no longer on Island Time.

  • Rant:

    The failure of too many people to see the real story behind Detroit Tigers’ Pitcher Armando Galarraga’s near perfect game last week with two out in the top of the ninth inning.

    Umpire Jim Joyce called Cleveland runner Jason Donald safe on a play at first base in which he was clearly out.

    While cries demanding use of modern instant replay in baseball umpiring and Commissioner Bud Selig not stepping into the controversy to reverse the call retroactively, the good human story here is being missed by far too many.

    To those crying foul, you fail to see the real human story of modern day sportsmanship and virtue played out here for all to behold.

    Would you rather have had the perfect game entered in the record books (only the 21st since 1880) or this splendid example of sportsmanship and maturity in professional baseball by Pitcher Galarraga taking it all in such good noble grace and Umpire Joyce being the model of professional and manly responsibility ?

    The spontaneous, splendid display of Detroit Tiger fans giving this same umpire a standing ovation the next day, and Jim Leland manager of the Tigers sending the pitcher out with the lineup card to home plate to put his arm around and affect the umpire.

    This is the true story here. -A wonderful lesson for young sports fans.

    Seeking perfection in game record keeping with technological advancements in this manner destroys the rhythm of the game and the wondrous human elements that collide and have manifested themselves by each of the men involved, each in their own position, each in their own way, and all for what we who love in the game of baseball, the fullness of the human experience in America’s great old pastime.

    • Well put. Selig’s lack of action may genuinely qualify as a rant. Given other areas of the news last week and in the last couple years, throwing the national mood a bone would have been a nice gesture. But ultimately, it will be the tremendous displays of sportsmanship and maturity that will mark this whole episode.

  • Rant: Its Monday.

    Rave: Iced vanilla coffee.

    Simple as that.

  • RAVE – Esperanza Spalding(!), Basia, Brian Culbertson(!), Ledisi (!), Lee Ritenour & Gerald Albright and the other great acts at the The Capital Jazz Fest

    re: the world-cup-as-marriage-destroyer, Mrs. Intangible plans to be at my side at various pubs, probably chanting/cheering/cursing louder ‘n me, as Fabio’s Warriors do what they’re programmed to do……. and for this I am eternally (and internally) grateful.

    Magma, Illusion of Safety, Merzbow, Richard Pinhas at Sonic Circuits this year. Let us all vomit sunshine across the universe.

    There is no third rave. Seldom that happy. Do people still rave anymore? Random hugs and PLUR all around! Are you on one, matey?

    What in god’s name are you people doing at ATMs these days? Some sort of delicate financial micro-surgery? These sumbitches used to be Engines of Convenience when they first came out: Just withdraw cash and get the hell on your way. These days EVERYONE AND I MEAN EVERYONE approaches an ATM and proceeds to DO THINGS for 5-10 minutes. What the jacksh*t is there to DO for that long? Have you lapsed into a coma? ANSWER ME! ALL I NEED IS FORTY FREAKING DOLLARS AND YOU ARE DESTROYING MY LIFE! I WANT TO PICK MY BLOODSTAINED TEETH WITH THE SHATTERED RIBCAGES OF YOUR EXTENDED FAMILY!!!! MWAAAAAAARRRGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

  • Rave: World Cup!

    Rant: Will either be working or attached to boyfriend’s family the entire weekend so will miss the first games.

    Rant: My job is super fucking boring.

    Rave: Controversial posts and comments on PoP to keep me entertained!

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