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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every Monday and Friday. So anything good happen to you this week?

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  • rant: the lerners. not only did they sell directly to phillies bus tour groups for opening day, they’re yanking their fans again by forcing anyone wanting to watch strasburg to buy tickets for three additional games. i’m so glad we built them a stadium so that they could treat us like garbage.

    rave: the nats aside from their owners, progress on 11th street nw, and short sleeve dress shirts.

  • RANT: Fair weather Nats fans who only go to a game when its some sort of status event but couldn’t care less the rest of the time.

    HINT: Stras will be pitching several more games in Nats Part this season

    • I am going to the game on Tuesday. I am not even a Nats fan but it will be nice to go to a baseball game in this city that is more than half full and has at least a hint of excitement. If the Nats could make that happen without the debut of Stras, I’d be there.

  • RANT: The Georgia Ave. Safeway still smells like feces.

    RAVE: I’ve discovered that Yes! isn’t as over-priced as I thought it would be.

  • Big time rave: I don’t care about the Stras-hype debut all that much and was more than happy to snag cheap tickets on Stubhub for my Cincinnati Redlegs! Taking the lady friend and can’t wait. Go Reds! Stay in first!

  • RAVE: BFF’s in town for the weekend and I’m leaving work early to kick it with her!

    RAVE 2: Can’t wait to get my free doughnut from Krispy Kreme after work today!!!

  • Rant–having iphone issues. Everytime I try to sync, it says something like “This iphone could not be synced. Internal device error.”


  • Rave: I won two tickets to Twittercon! Sometimes those Facebook contests are real!

    Rant: I’ll probably be the oldest one there and the only one who has never dated an Avatar.

  • Mad props to DC Animal Control… I called about a baby raccoon staggering suspiciously about in the street in broad daylight, and they showed up within TWENTY MINUTES. I think the poor little feller was a goner– he did NOT look well. I’m glad animal control is on where possible cases of rabies are concerned.

    • We had this happen in front of my place too. It was kind of amusing b/c he staggered down the sidewalk on 10th and then crossed Constitution (NE) in the crosswalk! I called animal control, but he was long gone by then.

      Crosswalks: if rabid raccoons can use them, so can you!

      • ah

        I’ll bet he was crossing against the light, though.

      • You’re totally my neighbor…

        We tried Acqua and it was fantastic! I think they had a 3 day waiting list for prime dinner reservations but we ate at the bar. Easily on par with Boston, North End Italian.

        • I’m glad you liked Acqua. I see it easily becoming my go to, eat the bar a night or two a week, spot. I’m really glad to have them around.

          And keep an eye out for that raccoon! I’ve been warning all the neighbors with dogs and cats – he was a big guy, easily the size of my dog (23 lbs ish)!

          • He might have been the one who tried to climb in my second story window 2 years back. He’s a big fat fella.

  • Rave: Bonnaroooooo!!!!
    Rant-ish: Much to do be for I leave for Bonnaroooooo!!!!

    • Rant: spelling lapses: “before”

      captcha: “showdown reality”

    • Totally, jealous! I have been a few times but my sticking cousin decided to get married that weekend. I have to go all they there (she is getting married in KY) without even getting to go to bonnaroo. Boo on big weddings.

  • Rant: My poor little kitty Burbank Spiffers (my avatar) is very sick, and I’m not sure how long I’ve got with him.

  • RAVE, RAVE, RAVE – 2 weeks away away from the office with 3 days of a conference and the rest for vacation!!

  • houseintherear

    RAVE: It’s cherry season! My fingers have never been redder.

  • Rave: Had an excellent week. My friends who used to live here, but got outpriced from DC, came back to visit. Home prices down south are so much cheaper 🙂

    Rave II: I have the best wife ever.

    Rave III: I went to Steve’s Bar Room last night. That was a great time.

    Rant: Seeing people dance who lack rhythm. It was terrible, lol.

    Rant II: Gentrification.

  • Rave: My partner is pregnant with our first child!
    Rave: Heading to the beach with the partner this weekend!
    Rave: It is payday Friday!

  • I swear that I saw Larry Fitzgerald (of the Cardinals) on the MARC train this morning. I know it makes no sense. Did anybody else see him around?

    Rave – Only one more week until Hon Fest!

    captcha – “Frenched aid”…one can only imagine

  • Rave: DC campaign season is revving up (I’m a political junkie).

    Rave2: My college reunion is this weekend
    Rant: I have lost touch with most everyone from college

  • Semi-Rant (because I’m not jazzed enough about this to make it a full rant):

    I’m not overly enthusiastic about Adrian Fenty but I think he’s done a good enough job to get reelected. I keep asking his detractors for a good reason to vote against him. All I get is “arrogant,” “heavy-handed,” “imperious.” I agree with pretty much all of that. I was particularly upset by the way he refused to explain his kids’ transfer to an out of district school with a lengthy waiting list. I would have had more respect for him if he’d said “I had some strings pulled” as opposed to invoking a bogus “security” rationale for not explaining how his kids got not one but two coveted spots in one of the few good schools in the city. But to me, none of it is a dealbreaker in light of the progress the City has made and, more importantly, the lack of a better option. I am still waiting for someone to give me a reason to vote for Gray (see below) other than he’s not Fenty.

    From the WPo:
    FENTY’S FULL SLAM (at the last candidate’s forum) — “I just again have to go back to the question. … It’s not just the CFO who approves our budget and our recommendations. The council of the District of Columbia has voted on our recommendations. So I don’t know how you vote on exactly what we recommend and then come to these forums and say, ‘Well, I disagree with everything.’ If you’re not going to find other ideas and alternatives during your day job as a legislator, then you can’t, when you’re running for office, be against all of them. It’s kinda like when you just said that you were against how we build the recreation centers [Gray had called it “one of the worst examples of cronyism I’ve ever seen in the District of Columbia”], but you came to the ribbon-cutting at the Deanwood Recreation Center. That’s that old politician thing, where you have your cake and eat it, too, and people are very tired of that. They want a mayor and they want decision-makers who are going to get things done. And when you talk about fiscal discipline, what are you talking about? It can’t be the early ’90s when the Department of Human Services was the No. 1 agency that overspent its budget and caused the the District of Columbia government to go into financial red ink and have the control board come in — that can’t be the fiscal discipline you’re talking about. It can’t be the shenanigans that were pulled around the streetcars the other day — wherein we had a balanced budget, we had the streetcars completely paid for, and at 2 o’clock in the morning, the city council, drafted by Chairman Gray, took the money away only to use it, to spend it on pork and other pet programs. And they found $47 million out of thin air and added that to the budget….”

    A STREETCAR NAMED DEBT — When Vincent Gray flip-flopped on streetcars, he kept the program moving by borrowing $47M. In WBJ, Michael Neibauer looks at what that decision means. For one: It “will end up depleting by one-third the debt service capacity available for other, yet-to-be-financed projects in the city” and it “depleted the available below-cap money by $4 million a year, leaving virtually no wiggle room for other projects going forward.” Ward 2 Council member Jack Evans puts it this way: “We borrowed $47 million with the stroke of a pen. I have and had significant problems with that approach. It’s just not a good practice.” Neibauer also dredges up this lovely quote from the 2008 debate over whether to self-impose a debt cap. At the time, Gray said it would “require the council to make tough choices on what we borrow in the future, but it will also ensure that future generations of Washingtonians are not saddled with excessive debt.”

    • If your comfortable with a largely run down city, where your kids have absolutely no chance of A) making it out of poverty and B) having a decent local career because you support tenured teachers over a decent education, and where violence is going to force your child to join a gang for protection, and where your basic livelihood is always going to be in the hands of a politician’s cronies, then you should vote for Gray.

      This is the lifestyle that he, unwittingly or not, supports. This is what DC was like for most of the 80’s and into the 90’s under Barry.

      If you want to live in a city where people want to start a business, where more competition for employees means higher wages, where people want to be able to walk around at night without worrying about getting mugged or worse, where your kids have a shot at getting into college because they’re smart enough, where adding more money to the tax base adds more money for schools, roads, and housing, then you vote for Fenty.

      Being poor in DC is retched, but if throwing money into social services was going to do anything other than keep people barely alive, and doom your kids to gangs and poverty then it would have worked 20 years ago.

    • I’m thinking the anti-Fenty vitriol is from roughly the same people who spewed the anti-Rhee / teachers contract vitriol, which resulted in a landslide victory for Rhee and approval of the contract. So, I am calling the 2010 DC Mayoral Election as 75% for Fenty, 15% for Gray, and the remainder split between Leo Alexander and Marion Barry (by way of a late entry bankrolled by Peebles who will see his money stolen by the guy who gave him his first million).

      Mark my words! 😉

  • I’m compiling a list of Summer based movies to watch now that real Summer has set in around here:

    The Long, Hot Summer (1958) Paul Newman, Joanne Woodward, Lee Remick, and Orson Welles

    Body Heat (1981) William Hurt, Kathleen Turner, Mickey Rourke

    Summer of ’42 (1971) with Jennifer O’Neill

    Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (1958) Paul Newman, Elizabeth Taylor, Burl Ives

    Any other ideas ?

  • One Crazy Summer with John Cusak.

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