Porter’s Closes Likely to Remain a Bar

A few weeks ago Porter’s abruptly closed up at 1207 19th St, NW (south of the Dupont Metro). While the following has not been confirmed I believe it is likely to be accurate but I still gotta call it scuttlebutt: It looks like the space is going to be taken over by the owner of Maddy’s (on Conn. Ave also in Dupont) and the Ugly Mug (on Barrack’s Row). Not sure on a date or new name but will update when that info becomes available (if it turns out to be true…) We took a look at Maddy’s here when it opened up back in Nov.

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  • As far as I knew, it was already owned by the owners of Maddy’s and the Ugly Mug (Gaynor Jablonski). Maybe he was part of a group ownership and now he’s the controlling partner.

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  • It was owned by a guy I know named Scott Porter. Unless something has changed recently, he has nothing to do with the Maddy’s/Ugly Mug gang.

  • Well maybe Gaynor was a minority partner because I knew him when he worked at Finn McCool’s on the Hill and he told me specifically he was opening up 1) the Ugly Mug (where I saw him often) and 2) Porter’s (where I saw him once). Maybe he bought out the other guy.

  • Real story: the bar was owned by the smell of urine.

    Also, rats outside. Many rats.

    Still, I genuinely liked the place and I’m excited
    for it to get a good wash.

  • The Ugly Mug once was a great bar with excellent food. It’s gone way, way downhill over the past few years, though.


    The comment button isn’t working on the Whale page.
    This place recently went from five stars to three when “improvements” were made. The Whale underwent an ownership change and major renovation in about 2007 and became very nice with big mirrors and a monster stone fireplace that works in the winter. It underwent another makeover in early 2010. Since then I never see it advertising its once-traditional half price burgers on Monday nights. Sad because they were excellent and the place was really nice and i used to love to go there but never visit anymore because the great burger promotion appears to have ended. It was mistake to alienate that half price burger crowd.

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