Polly’s to Re-Open (With a New Name) in 3-4 Weeks!

Back in February we learned that Polly’s had closed its doors at 1342 U St, NW. Well as I was walking by last night I noticed some major scrubbing going on inside. It looked like some new furniture might be going in as well. I briefly chatted with one of the folks inside and he said that the space would be reopening in approximately 3-4 weeks. The bar will have a new name (he couldn’t tell me) and there will be food as well (burgers etc.). I’ll be sure to update as more info becomes available but it looks like the space will be very similar though a lot cleaner!

Update: A commenter notes:

“Owner of Angelico’s pizza has the space at 1342 U St now. Plans are to open a burger focused place called Port Orleans.”

I’ll try to confirm that info.

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  • I hated this bar with a passion. The staff must have known it was closing because they were such a PITA.

  • Wow! New furniture? AND BURGERS?!?!?! I hope they’re at least $12 and I have to pay extra for fries! And please tell me they haven’t got rid of the vermin.

  • Are you saying that it hasn’t changed hands? That is “reopening” but with a new name makes it sound like it’s the same owners.

    Anyway, if so, an interesting move. I guess that means that they think the Polly’s name is a liability. I can’t argue with others’ complaints about the place, it certainly had lots of problems (frequent fires not the least of them) and surly staff. At the same time I kind of loved it for that… it had personality which so many places lack…

  • I think a hot soapy washdown of all the nooks and crannies in this place will solve 50% of their problems. I’m not sure it’s going to solve the overly narrow room though.

  • Had they managed to get the pee smell out of the place by the time you popped in? That’s the number one thing that kept me out of there.

    • I agree, I’ve never had a problem with staff and the food was decent enough, but the pee smell I couldn’t handle.

  • Owner of Angelico’s pizza has the space at 1342 U St now. Plans are to open a burger focused place called Port Orleans.

    No true renovations have been done, so don’t expect the vermin to be gone, only scrubbing & new paint. Also, Angelico’s isn’t the king of cleanliness nor is U st rid of its vermin problem in general so…

  • Always loved sitting in Polly’s by the fireplace. Agreed with the above, if they just industrially bleached the place down that would go a LONG way.

    • I wouldn’t be surprised if the sewer line from one of the toilets (or urinals, if they had them — can’t remember) has been leaking into the place for years and years, and a large part of the walls and/or floors are completely saturated. The place could stand to be gutted.

  • isn’t it about time it opened?

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