Pleasant Plains, Park View and Lower Georgia Ave, NW Survey Results and Meeting Tonight

Photo by PoPville flickr user quigley_brown (Jim Hamann)

From an email:

The next Georgia Avenue Task Force meeting is, Wednesday June 23rd from 7-9pm at the GADGET Center which is at 2801 Georgia Avenue NW.

On the (tentative) agenda is:

– Results of the survey
Remarks from vacant property owners
– A Presentation from Robert Moore of DCCH
– Updates on Bruce Monroe
– Committee Reports
– Preparation for a Community Review of Task Force Recommendations August 7th

Since we had a full agenda, we will postpone the presentation from the MPD on Georgia Ave. safety issues until July 12.

The survey results will be presented on the “I live here” respondents which can be viewed by going to:

and downloading the excel attachments. Click through the tabs at the bottom of the worksheet to advance through the questions in the “preferences” file. I will not be able to provide handouts for all of this so please view them online if you can. The full survey report will not be available until the first week of July.

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  • FWIW, this survey covers all of lower Georgia Avenue … which is a bit more than just Pleasant Plains.

  • Reading the word association responses (question 14) made me sad 🙁

    • Proud Petworthian, I second your thought. I almost wish that I hadn’t read the list (I_Live_Here_Preferences_Separated_Sorted.xls, by the way) – very, very sad!

      In reference to a thread earlier this week (or last week – time blurs!) apparently wanting The House to close down isn’t an isolated sentiment…

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