PJ Clarke’s Sidecar Coming to 1600 K St, NW

PJ Clarke’s Sidecar has just applied for a liquor license in the old Solives spot at 1600 K St, NW. The application says:

“Full service restaurant open for lunch and dinner. Sidecar, 86 seats & P. J. Clarke’s,
116 seats for total indoor capacity of 202. Sidewalk Café with 48 seats.”

I’m a little confused by the description. Is the Sidecar the bar?

Though I say the more sidewalk cafes the better.

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  • That’s me!

  • Seems Sidecar is the name of their private dining room/event space.


  • wait i wonder if this is the same pj clarke in nyc. if so, they do basic american fare very very well.

  • Sidecar is a drink, so I’d suppose it was the bar name…

  • Nearing the saturation point.

    • Saturation point of what, Billy? Restaurants???

      • Of new bars/restaurants. But I suppose I’m being naive in hoping that our downtown has other types of attractions.

        • Compared to other major cities, I’d say that we actually have a lot fewer bars. And considering how slammed many DC bars get, we could use a few more. People like to drink and eat out – it’s not the end of the world. And what other attractions do we need? National parks, monuments, free museums…?

        • I have absolutely nothing against eating and drinking at expensive restaurants and bars. But in my humble opinion, our downtown (which I don’t really consider the Mall a part of) could use a little more variety, e.g., music venues, art galleries, independent cinemas, coffee shops, bakeries, diners, independent bookstores, public markets, green spaces, etc. I realize that we already have a few examples of most of these somewhere downtown or in neighborhoods adjacent thereto. But not enough for me to get excited over yet another bar or restaurant. (And I know I’m being naïve given the cost of rent downtown.)

  • Ah yes, the “independent bookstore” gripe.

    Considering that Borders on 14th is closing for, wait for it, Clydes, I don’t think you’ll be seeing too many bookstores downtown any time soon. You might be better off hoping that Politics and Prose doesn’t shut down.

  • Yes, but the cities you speak of are far less technologically adept than DC as a whole, which equates to many more people here buying books online, or reading them on Kindles and iPads. That’s the difference maker, right there.

  • PJ Clarke’s of NYC is expanding — this is going to be their new location.


  • Oh goodie, another dark wood, good old boys “Irish” bar with overpriced boring “comfort” food for fat pompous lawyers & lobbyists.

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