Pink Snapper Jamaican Restaurant to Open in Petworth June 19th

“Dear PoP,

I just stopped into the Pink Snapper for a pre-opening celebration at 826 Shepherd St NW, and had some delicious Jamaican food including ox tail, curried goat, rice, beans, the works. I talked with the co-owner and she said that they’re having their grand opening next Saturday, June 19th starting with lunch at noon.”

It’s been a long time coming, can’t wait to try them out!

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  • That is a dirty, DIRTY name! I hope the food is good!

  • meh, urban dictionary doesn’t even offer a salacious/prurient definition.

    The offerings near the metro are just exploding. This is five blocks down the street from us!!!

    • well, then now’s your opportunity then to define what a pink snapper is!

      psyched to see these guys finally open – this was a LONG time coming.

    • Ha! You actually looked “Pink Snapper” up on Urbandictionary? I will save you some mental gymnastics- look up “Snapper” and you will be rewarded. The “Pink” is just to put you in the right mind-set.

  • I’m happy to hear this place is opening up…has been in the works for a couple years, no? Looking forward to it…

  • This will be a great addition, I’m sure. Speaking of additions around the metro, whatever happened to the sports bar that wanted to open next to Looking Glass? Did that fall through?

  • Hopefully they’ll make Sweet Mango step up their customer service…

  • um… a pink snapper is a fish. Way to over interpret that one! Next time, don’t make urban dictionary your primary source.

  • Did anyone try it or can anyone confirm that it opened? Daily hours?

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