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  • Tell me they chlorinate that water. Even so I dont think I could let my child play in it in good faith. A pool is maintained to a different standard. where as when this fountain is off people are tracking all kinds of germs across its surface. Spit. Dog pee and poop from the bottom of shoes etc. Do they disinfect the surface ever?Sorry to be such a downer

  • oh noes, not GERMS! ACK!

    Bring disinfectant or hand sanitizer for afterwards if you are worried, but my kid plays out there all the time and has never gotten sick.

    More importantly, POP, any idea why sometimes the fountain flows high and sometimes seems to trickle?

  • These kids were adorable. My son is in a couple of her photos – not the ones above, though. When we noticed her taking pictures, we thought about but never followed through on asking her to email us because we had, as usual, forgotten a camera, so I was happy to see them show up in PoPville!

  • @dreas: Which one is your son? I have many more if you’d like a disk. That was one of the cutest days ever – kids making friends, inventing games, having good fun. Maybe PoP can help us coordinate in a way that’s less public.

    • Thanks, Ursula! Mine’s the little chubby one with no pants, dark gray shirt. I sincerely hope you don’t mind, but I actually logged into Flickr and downloaded the two he’s in. I was browsing in the PoPville pool earlier in the week and came across them. I looked for an email address on your profile to ask first but couldn’t find one and wasn’t sure how else to get in touch, not knowing they’d get featured on PoP! No commercial use and I won’t pass them off as my own, I promise.

  • houseintherear

    I love the kids that sit directly on the fountain heads and giggle. Ah to me young and not-yet-aware-of-but-curious-about-sexuality.

  • I vote we rename this fountain Concussion park

    I dont understand why they didnt choose a tile with grit or grip. Based on my experience with my son, neither bare feet, crocs or water shoes keep you from big slips.
    I think they need to put down some of the non-slip bath flowers.

    That said, we are still big fans. With Concussions.

    • I saw a few hard slips last weekend. Seeing the vast array of kids drinking the water and splashing around always puts a smile on my face. This is how public spaces should be used, not for passing out, sleeping, drinking or other bs.

  • Agree, it’s pretty slippery. We’re going to chalk it up to a learning experience– educate the kid about safety, educate his immune system about germs!

  • The water is chlorinated and because the water is constantly flowing and being filtered may even be cleaner than a public pool. It is very slippery, we’ll see what can be done. There is still alot of planning, organizing and work that needs to be done around the plaza and fountain.

    It was a battle to keep the fountain in the plaza design. Most in government and etc. wanted to pull the fountain from the design. The development community agreed to step up and help support the plaza and its maintenance. There is also still some minor construction work that needs to be done.

    Currenttly, the Plaza/Fountain is controlled by DPR and is considered a park.

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