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The above photo of Councilmember Jim Graham and a constituent was captured on Sat. in Parkview.

Captions in the comments and winner picked Friday.

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  • “And as your Council Member If I get your Vote You Won’t have to wash my car anymore”

  • this photo is amazing. ha! did he make her cry?

  • Yeah, I know Jim, if you’ve told me once you’ve told me 100 times, I swear I’ll start to wear a bowtie to water the lawn.

  • Oh, Jim, you never told me you were gay! All these years I’ve been picturing us together after we both retire. You’ve been so nice to me ever since your first campaign! I just don’t get it.

  • “That’s right; if you hear any cars go by playing go-go music, I want you to spray them with this hose.”

  • “Oh you did NOT just walk on my new grass!”
    “Uh, yeah, so, anyway…I just need you to sign that petition form.”

  • Oh lord, didn’t I tell you to be discreet when you visit me?

  • What’s that honey? I SHOULD turn the hose on this guy? Well all right…

  • “Okay ma’am. I have just demonstrated that I am capable of parking my VW Bug legally. It may be the first time ever, but I am clearly in a legal parking spot. Now will you put up a yard sign?”

  • For the last time , I will not give you permission to marry my son.

  • The gay themed comments are too predictable and so 1985. Try again.

  • Come on Tyrese, it’s time to go to work. The man is waiting.

  • “Hey look! I wore white and I’m white! You wore black and you’re black! This is either an episode of Lost or a terrible attempt at campaigning door to door!”

    “Get in your bug, and get outta here.”

  • If you put up a yardsign, I’ll work out a city contract for you to water ALL city sidewalks.

  • Hi Ma’m, I’m fresh out of campaign ideas and I’m wondering it you have any… you know, “issues”…that maybe I could borrow.

  • I came as soon as I saw the Grahamsignal! Anyone need a new dog park? How about higher metro fares? Abortion funding?

  • Driving Miss Daisy, a 2010 production paid for by Re-elect Jim Graham 2010.

  • No, I didn’t say there were ho’s here, I said that there’s a hose here!

  • “I’m Jim Graham, and I confess I don’t deserve to be re-elected. Seriously. Expanded section 8 housing in Columbia Heights: my fault. Hubbard Place: my fault. Discouraging enforcement of multi unit dwelling laws to pander to certain constituent groups: my fault. This ward has changed, but I have not. Seriously. You have a hose. Do everybody a favor and just wash me outta here.”

  • A ho’s knows he ain’t up to no good.

  • Woops, scuse me! I thought you were a man…

  • “Mr. Councilman, I know nothing else about Ted Loza other than he’s a DOG!, now go away so I can water my sidewalk.”

  • “Councilman Graham attempts to woo a potential voter by arriving in his magic Beetle full of young bald men ready to do yard work for constituents.”

  • It rubs the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again!

  • Lord help me, if he says the words “deeply concerned”, I’m going to turn the hose on him.

  • “Offa my lawn! Damn this nozzle isn’t working that well – I’m so new at this. Can I get a fire hydrant here for just such an occassion?”

    “Sure thing! Bests!”

  • For the last time, Graham, get off my lawn!

  • Vote Graham, I care about your grass.

  • Do Not Grahamstand on the Grass.

  • “Hi, would you mind changing the oil in my New Beetle? I can’t seem to find any firefighter cadets to do it.”

  • This just posted on Graham’s website:

    “Danger – be on the lookout for a new carjacking scheme. Woman approaches car pretending to hand out community activist flyer, but forces you from your car by threatenning to water log your “dry clean only” delicate linen cabana wear. As she cries and asks for forgiveness, her partner drives off in your ride.”

    • “….convertibles particularly succeptible! You are encouraged to roll up your windows and lock your doors when riding through Columbia Heights.”

  • I heard water promotes height growth, please, spray away!

  • “Bests, Jim Graham.”

  • The first entry at 10:29 PM by TheNeighborhoodReporter has been the best so far.

    This picture of Councilman Graham could not have been staged any better.

    Good post.

  • “Betty, Betty darlin’…I know you want him all for you, but Tyrone was never going to come around. I have what he wants…you can keep your hose.”

  • Pimpin aint easy!

  • Facing the possibility of an election year defeat, Councilman Jim Graham applies for the position of garden gnome.

  • Thanks for the Vote

  • Jim, not even this hose can wash away the mistakes you’ve made around here.

  • “Hello there. What’s that? Oh, you own your house and care about making the ward better place to live? You care about the value of your home? Oh, I’m sorry. I’ll move along. I only care about pandering to those in section 8 housing and residents of houses with 15 or more non-related people in a single family dwelling (aka the “Unidad” on my signs), even though they can’t vote. Don’t mind me. I’ll be on my way.”

  • if i ignore it maybe this ghost will go away


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