Petworth’s Sala Thai Blessed by Monks and Fenty, Bowser, Graham

Photos courtesy of L a l i p a t S o b h a w o n g s e

I mentioned that Sala Thai had a soft opening in Petworth at 3716 Georgia Avenue, NW a couple of weeks ago. I wanted to share some cool photos of the restaurant getting blessed by monks on June 4th.

However, last night, June 15th, they had their grand opening celebration and the place was packed. Sadly, (long day) I didn’t have my camera with me. But I can tell you the food was great and the vibe was fantastic. Mayor Fenty, CM Bowser and CM Graham stopped by to give their support. I’m also happy to report that the guests were quite diverse, giving proper representation to the community.

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  • I was blessed by the free booze and yummy drunken noodles they offered at last night’s grand opening. I was actually a drunken noodle by the end! Thanks, Sala Thai!

  • This adds so much to the Park View/Petworth community. Love the food when I went and definitely will go back time and again!!!

  • The vibe was definitely amazing! And the drunken noodles with tofu may be my new favorite dish in the neighborhood.

  • been there twice so far and i really enjoyed the food.

    anyone know if they plan on doing a happy hour?

  • It was a great evening, good food, friendly staff. We’ll be back. Was cool to get to meet Fenty, too.

  • i calleth dibs on the next gang pak & thai iced coffee…..

  • Also went, and was awesomely impressed. Sushi was great, wine was flowing, people were friendly, and noodles were indeed drunk! Can’t wait for my second Thai helping! Also, I second RD’s comment- a happy hour would be amazing. Any word on that?

  • jealous! i RSVP’ed for the invite, but never got it. i was just commenting yesterday how we should patronize the place, then passed by and saw it packed. i figured it might have been for the grand opening – anxious to see how it does, and will definitely be by to support (and sample the sushi – does anyone know what days they’ll get it in?)

  • Their sushi is fantastic… at least as good as many of the supposedly top-end sushi restaurants in the area. The Thai was also quite good–better than a number of other Thai restaurants I’ve visited, including other Sala Thai locations. I wish I could have made it to the grand opening!

  • Yay Sala Thai for coming to petworth…i definately will be getting my drunken noodles w tofu and veggie pad thai whenever i feel lazy to cook

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