Petworth (Farmers) Market Exceeds Expectations!

The brand new Petworth Market was a great success this past Friday. It seems like this section of 9th St, NW (between Taylor and Upshur) was tailor made for a Market like this. In my opinion there are two elements to a great market: First, good fruit, vegetables, cheese, bread etc and second is the vibe. I’m happy to say the Petworth market succeeded on both counts. I think you can tell from the photos that this is the case. My only suggestion based on conversations with others would be, if possible, to change or extend the hours from 3 – 7 pm to 3/4 – 8pm (for those that work until 6pm). Thanks to the Petworth Community Market flickr group for the photos and thanks to all who were involved in making this such a great success.

Lots more photos after the jump.

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  • Wow, this looks a hundred times better than the Columbia Heights one – nice job Petworth.

    The Columbia Heights one makes me actually want to only buy products from large corporations.

    • I went the Columbia Heights one this weekend and actually was pretty impressed given how new it is and how little space they have! A couple of produce vendors, dairy, grass-fed meat truck, and at least two bakeries…I got more than my share of deliciousness.

  • The Pentworth market didn’t seem very big, but it had lots of quality produce. I can’t wait until the next one.

  • I was happy to spend a few bucks at many of stalls. I’m not sure how often we’ll get there, however, since the wife and I don’t usually get out of work until 6ish.

  • i checked it out, and found it to be decent, albeit humble…with the understanding that it’s early in the season, so there wasn’t a huge variety of produce yet. i’ll be more psyched once the tomatoes start coming in abundant quantity (and quality).

    the DJ spinning made it have a kind of party-ish atmosphere. it was super loud, and i’m still on the fence as to whether i liked that part or not.

    i hope in the future that they might be able to get one of the meat vendors (lamb, pork, etc). and i didn’t see any cheese, as reported above – where was it?

    • I don’t think there was cheese, which was the one part I found lacking.

      I assumed that once it gets going they will probably find a cheese vendor.

    • The guy with the wool products was also selling lamb…

  • It was awesome! I spent about $18 (including a sort of expensive loaf of bread) and got enough produce for several meals.

    I can’t wait until next week! I tried to buy a little bit from each of the produce stands.

  • This would be much more successful on a weekend. Many of us can’t get to a friday afternoon/evening market. I guess I’ll keep going to the one in Takoma Park on Sundays.

    • there are about 100 markets you can go to in DC on the weekend. friday afternoon is a great time for the new market.

  • We got some fantastic olive bread, yummy chocolate chip cookies, blueberry-lemon bread (similar to banana bread in form), and many many great veggies! We were sad that we couldn’t get too much as we were travelling over the weekend, and only bought things we could take for snacks in the car. We will absolutely be there this week for some veggies for our July 4 weekend! The products were of great quality.

    I second the idea of having fresh/local (organic?) meats and cheeses.

  • there was a fresh lamb vendor out of rock hall, MD. i can attest to the deliciousness! apparently cheese vendors are harder to find but im confident the vendor offerings will expand! great job petworth market!

    • i saw the booth for the rock hall guy, and all i saw in passing was that he was selling wool blankets/sheepskins. wasn’t apparent to me that he was selling actual meat, though that makes sense 🙂

  • Was very excited to check out the market on Friday and thought it was a great start. I hope that PoP’s suggestion of staying open, maybe even just until 7:30, would help folks squeeze in a visit to the market after work.

    Vendors were super friendly and I thought the produce was great. Hopefully in future weeks there be salad greens available?

    • I think it’s been too hot for greens around here lately. I’m sure they’ll be more when it gets cooler in the fall.

  • I was thrilled with the Petworth market. Seconding the plaudits for the wide variety of produce – just about anything you’d want, you could find, including some early peaches. I’d love to see eggs in the future (for weekend breakfasts), and cheese for sure, but the organizers are dedicated and I think this was a great start.

    As for the music, I think it was an incredibly smart move in this neighborhood. Folk string quartets might be good in Takoma Park (another market I love), but where I live, in Petworth, a DJ and kids’ activities are a more authentic way to reach out to the people who live nearby.

    Awesomely, the captcha is “that hoedowns.”

  • We stopped by on the way home and got a delicious honey wheat loaf from the great harvest bread co! Yes, the loaf was $5, but it weighs about 5 pounds and is delicious! He was giving out whole slices to try before you bought! We will be getting our bread at the market from now on. Great job getting a market to our hood.

  • I loved the market and agree it exceeded expectations! I know there are only so many local farmers and an increasing number of neighborhood markets, so I think it was a great success. I bought yummy peaches, cantaloupe, and tomatoes and can’t wait to check it out again next week. I also loved the DJ and the children’s area, it made it a place to hang out and chat with neighbors as well as shop.

  • I met a bunch of my neighbors here at 6pm last Friday. I was very impressed by the selection – there were 3 produce vendors with a pretty huge selection. I bought tomatoes, corn, eggplant, yellow wax beans, potatoes, and peaches. I agree that it would be great to have cheese/eggs, but am super happy already with what I could buy at the market.

    I thought the music was great. I had been at the new Columbia Heights market and it was deafening – you had to sign to communicate enough to buy anything and in the sun it was baking hot. Maybe that was just opening day, but it was annoying. I thought the music at Petworth was nice and had no problem talking to people over it. I also have to say the location of the market on 9th St is fantastic – shaded by trees and blocked off from traffic. Loved it and I’ll be back every week I’m in town!

    p.s. somewhat should sell t-shirts with that Petworth Market graphic, kudos to whoever did the artwork!

  • This is great. I live halfway between Columbia Heights and Petworth and I love having access to two new different options, that I hope will complement each other. It is a bit difficult to make the Petworth one, and it would be great if it could stay open to 7:30 or 8 too!

    I know it’s difficult to get a wide range of vendors for new markets, so hope this one expands its offerings with time.

  • Hi Petworthers

    Yes, the guy selling wool stuff also had lamb—Based on comments in his promo book on display, I tried the lamb sausage—polished it off with some good bread from the market—got some from both vendors—hmm hmm good

    Doreen Thompson
    Petworth Market Board Member

  • It was wonderful – best cantaloupe I have ever tasted and a huge pile of heirloom tomatoes – patty pan squash and a huge bunch of wild flowers for five bucks! I loved it, loved it.

  • I typically go to the one at 14th and U as it’s much closer to my house but might now make a special trip to this one on Fridays!! I got the most amazing flat beans (my Gma called them Kentucky blues) that I cannot wait to cook up. Very difficult to find these in groceries and haven’t seen them at other farmer’s markets.

    Props to the organizers! Hopefully it will get more and more business as the summer goes on!

  • I went earlier in the afternoon – just curious to know what it was like after 6pm – enough produce or had stuff run out?

    The market was above expectations, and im looking forward to going again this week – I also tried to buy a bit from each stand to support these vendors, the scones i got were amazing and i cant wait to buy them again on friday!

    • it was still great at 6-6:30pm when I went – tons of produce left, but the market was FULL of people, so I’m pretty sure the vendors did great business. I spent about $35…about the max I could stuff in the bags I brought. This market is definitely on par in terms of quality with the Columbia Heights and Mt. Pleasant markets, which I was really happy about. I think the Friday timing really works in our favor for having good vendors and not competing with the Saturday markets, though I would also support it staying open a bit later until 7:30 or 8pm if that’s possible.

  • I thought the market was great and will try to hit it up as often as I can. I also wanted to voice support for having it stay open until 7:30/8pm. I get out of work at 6 and it’s hard to make it up to Petworth to have enough time to browse, pay, etc. before the vendors start closing shop.

  • I think it was a terrific inaugural market. I look forward to more folks being able to shop there once they start accepting EBT and WIC.

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