Panas Gourmet Empanadas Opens in Dupont Circle

Panas is located at 2029 P Street, NW in the old Pizza Paradiso space on the lower level (don’t forget Food Corner Kabob is coming to the upstairs space.) Back to Panas – they are small (around $2 and change) but delicious:

And the space inside looks nice too:

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  • Ooooh, looks like they’re Argentine-style. Smaller is better because you get to have several different ones for a complete meal. I hope they also deliver on mopeds like they do in Buenos Aires!

    • smaller than what style? help a brother out, what are the various styles? i grew up with the Ecuadorian style, have had julias, and thats about it.

      • I only know Argentine, Chilean and Julia’s: Argentine are small and baked, Chilean are small and fried, and Julia’s are large and baked. Now, if we could get any of the above in PW/CH I would be thrilled!

        PS: I was prompted by my captcha (“describe beets”) to mention that I also love Julia’s side of beet salad. Yum.

        • truth be told, except for the Pear/almond one, i find julias a bit dull.

          but i like some excitement in my food.

  • a news article says the owner is argentinian, but the goal is for “latin fusion” style empanadas – can’t wait to check them out!

  • I tried them the other day and they were very good. Options include meat, veggie, seafood, and dessert varieties. The pastry was great – not too thick and just a little crispy on the outside. I’ll definitely go back. The people working there were very nice.

  • When will Colombian-style empanadas show up in the area? They are the best!

  • Delicious. I love a big hot panas.

  • Bolivian saltenas are the bomb! Very gravy-ey. Can be eaten flat on a plate with a spoon after breaking into the top or by holding upright and slowly eating/sucking gravy as you eat down to the nub.

    Do not get them at Julias, a drer version! Go to Tutto Bene in Ballston on the weekends only.

    mmmmm – muy deli

    • any in dc? dont think i’ll make it out to ballston for any reason.

      • Alas, none I’ve ever found. There are a couple of bakeries in North Alexandria (near the 4 mile run trail on Mt vernon Ave) that have pretty good ones. Could bike but car is probably needed.

        • sounds good. its far easier for me to go to del rey /arlandiria than ballston! i’ll check em out.

          • There’s this thing called the Metro that stops in Ballston, like 3 blocks from the place. Not to mention half a dozen bus lines.

          • rick,

            i was just being nice. the truth is i find that ballston makes me want to puke. it raises my blood pressure, gives me hives, and i cease to find reason to live as i wander in its bizarre attempt at smart growth in the soulless chasms of its architecture.

            but thanks for the suggestions, buckaroo!

          • Glad to hear you’re starting to get things sorted out, Anonymous. You’re like a dog in a yard surrounded by one of those invisible fence things, yapping and yapping but unwilling to cross the line.

  • I am going to check out this place, can you tell me which ones are the best?

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