Not Exactly Garden of the Day

But I’ve said it before, I dig vines on row houses. I know some are bad for the brick but I still can’t help but find them cool (the good kind and the bad kind) when they flower. Anyone know if this is the good or bad kind of vine?

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  • I would also love to know as this stuff is taking over my neighbor’s fence.

  • Trumpet vine – on the one hand it attracts hummingbirds.

    On the other hand, it’s hard to have just one trumpet vine – they tend to multiply rapidly and are hard to get rid of.

  • +1

    native, though some folks are allergic. It’s all over the soldiers home fence around Kenyon-to-park road area if you want to test yourself or harvest fruit

    crossvine and trumpet honeysuckle have similar looks

  • Covering the windows, it makes 1321 HARVARD st look like a slum.

  • That couldn’t look less like a slum. It’s awesome.

    Not sure how they got the trumpet vine to climb that high on that brick wall. Trumpet vines don’t send out roots along the vine the way ivy does. I wonder if they don’t have some chicken wire or something similar on the corner to give it a means of climbing.

  • Trumpet vine is a good alternative to wisteria, as it grows faster and blooms earlier (a wisteria sometimes doens’t bloom before it’s 10 years old). Also, it’s not as strong as wisteria, which can easily pull a structure down.
    As MPinDC mentioned, hummingbirds love it. Bees like it too, which made climbing the trumpetvine trellis rather a bad idea when I was a little kid.

  • A) Love the ‘slum’ comment from the ‘anonymous’ neighbor (clearly a neighbor– you can’t see the address in the photo.) Considering there are still some actual slums on the same block, I trust you have not been outside of your own well appointed home very often. Appreciate adding our address too– class.

    B) Thanks for the support Jim, we like it too!

    B) To my knowledge the vine has no chicken wire and has been growing there for several years.It does attract hummingbirds and other small avian species, which is a plus if you like morning songs. Aesthetically, I think it adds a touch of character to an otherwise standard (but charming) block of homes in the good old CH area. Functionally, it provides shade for our eastern windows and southern facing windows in the summer, as well as providing some degree of privacy from the well-trafficked Harvard St. On the whole, I think it is a great feature to the house!

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