Bloomingdale News: Movement on Firehouse and More North Capitol Restaurants Coming Soon?

Old Firehouse located at 1626 North Capitol Street, NW

Thanks to a reader for sharing the following info from a neighborhood message board titled Firehouse News from Brian Brown: “Signed the lease with the restaurant/lounge operator for the firehouse” :

“The firehouse restaurant is moving forward… We also are working with three other operators who wish to open restaurants and/or pubs along North Capitol Street. Two of them have already identified sites and are negotiating the terms of the leases with the landlord.”

Potentially exciting news for Bloomingdale. North Capitol seems like more of a commercial district than 1st Street, NW so do you think it will be easier for new restaurants to get alcohol licenses here or will they face some of the same obstacles that Big Bear Cafe has faced over its alcohol application?

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  • instead of inventing more fake news about the fire house, mr. brown should consider moving the workout machines and pool table off his porch and repair the safety hazard that is the gaping trench (complete with dangerous rebar sticking up) that used to be a fence around his house.

    i was very happy when he came to the neighborhood but have been sorely disappointed by the EC-12 debacle and his half-assed renovation of the Anna Cooper house. it’s remarkable that he would spend so much money on the Cooper house yet fail to finish the job in such a catastrophic way.

    look forward to having my mind changed, but for now his sweetheart acquisition of the firehouse and subsequent attempts to sell it at a huge profit make him bloomingdale’s premier horses’ ass.

  • Skeptical at best. I am not compelled to believe a word of it.

  • Didn’t pepco recently sell a lot of land around there, and changes are coming? The best thing that could happen to that place is a nice classic microbrew pub with nearby B&Bs! On with it!

  • In the words of Todd Rundgren: “Something?/Anything?”

  • I hope more than anything this is true but as a bloomindale resident I will believe it when I see a grand opening sign.

  • I haven’t seen any action at the firehouse since they stopped doing facade work years ago. Hopefully things will kick back up soon.. hopefully.

    • I needed that morning laugh. Looking up the property on shows that no permits have been pulled since Apr 2008. And at that it was just a demo permit, so any of his BS’ing about repairs, etc, if done at all were done w/o permits.

      I wish the city would enforce its own rules against these speculators.

  • Hopefully something comes out of this, but I won’t hold my breath. I have to echo the first posters messages….the Anna J Cooper house is in terrible shape. I understand it was even worse shape before he moved in…but I feel like it is too much for him to handle and doesn’t have pride in that property.

  • I’ll assume the Firehouse will be a functioning restaurant/tavern about the same time the Howard Theatre is renovated and hosting shows.

  • Hehe, On the eckington group, Brian Brown vouched for Douglas, saying there was planning activity going on for some vacant properties. I trust that as much as I trust this latest round of ‘please don’t tax my failed sweatheart deal as vacant’ excuse.

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