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  • I love this mural. I can see it from my roof terrace. Who put this up?

  • That could be a Gorillaz album cover.

  • My wonderfully talented son did this – Kelly Towles!

  • Amazing, beautiful, love it

  • I dont know quite what i’m looking at, but i think i like it.

  • My favorite mural in the city, perhaps. Amazing. More on the artist here:


  • We need more artwork like this around the city.

  • The kids in this mural look strung out and sad to me – am I missing something?

  • I LOVE this mural! HUGE fan of his work … congrats Kelly!

  • DOPE! d.c. needs more contemp art in public space. love kelly’s work.

  • This is my friend’s house!

  • I dig this. Unfortunately, I also give it about 2 months before some idiot tags it.

  • The artist may be talented but he has no feel for this neighborhood. The mural completely ignores the rich history and culture of the area. Ask any of the property owners that overlook this intersection and they will tell you they were never consulted about the mural. I am one of them.

  • There are lots of murals in the Shaw-U Street area. This one doesn’t seem to fit. While some say art is supposed to provoke, many of us who live in the area think this particular mural detracts from the neighborhood’s culture and character. Just because it is unique doesn’t make it good or beneficial. Perhaps those responsible can tell us all — with a posting here — what steps they took to notify their neighbors about this and whether they needed to get any kind of authorization to have it done.

  • Whether I like this particular mural is unimportant. Public art can never suit everyone, and it should provoke as well as please. But I join the many others here who are concerned about the process. A work of this magnitude, in a neighborhood with such a rich and pivotal history as Shaw has, should not go up without due consultation with neighbors, community leaders, and others concerned. I would like an explanation from those responsible, and will be raising this for action by the ANC.

  • Hello. My name is Kelly Towles, and I am the one who created the mural, located at 12th and W. After reading some of the comments here about my mural, I felt obliged to explain my mural and offer my contact information to those who have additional questions.

    My mural is entitled, “Scout,” and is about exploring new places, ideas, and aesthetics. I chose bright and lively colors because I wanted to make people smile. From most of the comments here, I think I did just that.

    I was able to to do this mural with a grant awarded to me by the DC Commission of the Arts and Humanities. The application process to receive this grant was an extremely long and detailed one; requiring me to get approval from different segments/departments in Washington, DC. One was to get approval from the ANC, which I did. Six months prior, I canvased the neighborhood handing out fliers and informational materials explaining my project, providing time for people to contact me if that had any questions or concerns about my mural. Community outreach was very important part of my application process. All feedback that was returned was very positive.

    I understand that everyone views art differently, which I feel is one of the best things in life. I could never argue that fact. Instead, I respect it. I am extremely proud of my mural and have had many of the neighbors express to me already that the mural has given life to the old blank wall that it was previously.

    If you have questions or additional comments, please feel free to contact me through my website: http://www.kellytowles.com

    Please note, I will be having an exhibition about the mural in a few weeks. I will be present at the event to answer any questions the public may have, and will be handing out free prints that I designed to all the attendees.

    Kelly Towles.

  • Boom. Take that you regulatory, process haters.

    Kelly: Great work. Keep it up.

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