More Closings on 18th St, NW (But One Piece of Good Beer Related News!)

Eighteenth and Red has indeed closed on the 18th Street strip in Adams Morgan.

Salon DeCouture also closes on 18th Street strip. And faces this indignity… [thanks to a reader for sending]:

But in happier news, The Black Squirrel, 2427 18th Street NW, notes to me on Twitter:

“We’ll have more Fat Tire in July, for sure!”

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  • All these closings feel like the inevitable result of lifting the 50% cap on bars/restaurants.

    Clearly bars and restaurants are more profitable than goods shopping.

  • You know, I sought out Fat Tire when I was in NC recently, and I’ll be honest. It didn’t really live up to the hype for me. It was O.K., but it didn’t really bowl me over as I had expected it to. A lot of people seem to love it though, so it must be more than just a “grass is greener on the other side” sort of thing. They’ll probably start distributing it here before long, if they keep expanding like they have been.

    • Fat Tire is special to Coloradans in the way that Natty Boh is special to Baltimorons, Iron City tugs at the heartstrings of Pittsburghers and Coors Banquet beer used to intrigue pretty much the whole country. It’s sentimentality. Fat Tire is a middling beer at best when compared to the rest of the domestic micro offerings. Yet I still know people who will bring extra suitcases on trips so they can haul back multiple 12 packs in their luggage.

      • To compare Fat Tire, or any New Belgium product, to Natty Boh is to admit you have no sense of taste.

        • he’s comparing the love, not the taste.

          • People love Natty Boh, Iron City, Coors, Lone Star, Yingalingdong because those are cheap, ubiquitous, flavor neutral and mostly regional beers. Fat Tire was and still is to some degree regional. It was never mass produced, industrial cheap and only in a few pockets of Colorado was it ubiquitous. There is no comparing the taste. In sum, the comparison makes no sense.

          • buttercup, seems like you might be having trouble with your reading comprehension skills. anon did not compare the taste of fat tire with natty bo…he compared the sentimentality…

            if you want to get totally technical regarding fat tire buttercup, it has NEVER been sold in a can…and for many years was only sold in bomber bottles and not in regular size beer bottles.

        • Oh come on. You can get Fat tire all over the place. Maybe not DC all over the place, but more or less all over the country in a 6 or 12.

          It might have started as a micro brew, but anytime you can find it at the grocery store, your micro brew certificate and badge are revoked.

  • Can anyone tell me what the special think about this particular beer is? There is about 1000 AMAZING microbreweries that are awesome from the US and are not in many bars.
    Laguintas, Great Divide, Southern Tier, Russian River etc etc.

    • +1.

    • Drink the 1554 and believe.

      • I agree it’s good beer. But there are so many more just as good or better. I gaurntee
        Stone Sublimely Self Righteous Ale will blow the 1554 out of the water. And 1554 isn’t going to be at a bar any time soon. As far as Fat Tire – I would say out of all the beers made in the US half of them are better than this one which is why I don’t understand this sudden fascination.

    • havent you ever found a beer you liked and just want a nearby bar to have it?

      • Yes lots of them. But for some reason this beer seems to be like extra popular. As if the only choices were bud or coors untill this came along.

        • Maybe it’s just been discovered in these parts and so it’s novel. It’s been around out west for a good long time though.

  • I have had it in for the Eighteenth and Red Space ever since the bouncer at the douche bar above Anzu bloodied my husband’s nose. Enforcing a velvet rope at an Italian restaurant. Yes there is a curse. Dare not enter here, small business owner! Your business will wither on the vine and your fortune shall shrink like a, like um, whatever.

    • 18th and Red was similar to Anzu. Kind of like they had the Pied Piper of douchebags in there. Not sad to see it go, just another bridge and tunnel bar in the city.

      I don’t understand why business owners think they can just sign a lease, make few changes to a space, and expect the profits to roll in. I mean, the last guy failed. His dream died, his trust fund is kaput — what makes you so special?

      • Thats such a defeatist attitude. What new bars need is a gimmick. A place where upstanding, mobile, upward people can sip on Belgium beers without being accosted by urban savages.

    • TruxRes: 18th and Red never had anythign to do with Anzu. You had it in for a place that had nothing to do with your idiot husband getting a bloody nose.

  • But when will Black Squirrel’s ground floor open?

  • Hooray Fat Tire and Ft Collins. I thought North Carolina was the only place in the east that could get it (or is the bar getting it from NC too?)
    Maybe part of the appeal here is that it’s almost impossible to get. That can’t be the appeal in Colorado as it’s available on tap almost everywhere.
    Enjoy this beer and the 1000s of other amazing beers too.

  • “Enjoy this beer and the 1000s of other amazing beers too.”
    I meant that as a call to arms: “Everyone, please enjoy this beer and the 1000s of other amazing beers too!”

  • new belgium brewing began as a small microbrew and slowly became larger…to amass such a large following. after horrible coors products were on the scene from colorado for years and years, this felt like a breath of real beer!!

    they did an amazing job of marketing and promoting their beer in the early years, and the label was very welcome in the colorado towns as many people bike a ton!!

    when they moved into their new location in ft. fun several years ago, their green business model has been enamored and duplicated by many other businesses…they also treat their employees amazingly.

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