Mon. Afternoon Rental Option – Bloomingdale

This apartment is located at 1810 N. Capitol Street, NW:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“Renovated, apartment in 1895 historic Victorian row home in Eckington/Ledroit Park area. 2 bedroom 1 bath the second bedroom is small and very sunny. Best for an office or Quest room bedroom.

All Modern amenities Central HVAC, Washer/ Dryer in apartment, Dishwasher and Disposer etc, includes

9 ft ceilings, heart pine hardwood floors, thermal windows. Exudes old Victoria charm

Centrally located to downtown, Union Station, Howard University, China Town. U street corridor.”

Does $1600 sound reasonable for this 2 bed/1 bath?

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  • it is very cute, but that is seriously expensive for the area.

  • Too much. Long, dangerous walk to the metro.

    • while its definitely not the most pleasant and carefree area of the city, the walk to NY ave metro isnt bad from this place. less than 15 minutes door to door. the traffic is a little harrowing at ny and florida, but its not too sketchy anymore.

      the walk to Rhode Island feels a little desolate except for RIA and 4th, which is a bit rough by my take. and a bit longer anyway.

      the walk to shaw is not bad, until you actually get to the station, which can be kind of sketchy.

      • Who walks to the RIA station from North Cap!? Geez… thats gotta be over a mile – its not at 4th and RIA its like 8th or 9th. NYA and Shaw are far closer and NYA is the same line, just 1 stop different. The RIA Metro primarily serves east eckington, parts of: edgewood, brookland, and brentwood.

        • it is just less than 1 mile. and i didnt say it was at 4th. i said 4th was a bit rough.
          i know people that walk it. they were used to that walk before ny ave opened so they are more familiar with there a problem with that?

  • Disagree, assuming the place is as nice as it looks this is more than a fair price for 2 BR.

  • North Capitol (especially this section) is noisy and sketchy! no deal! seriously!

  • umm, gotta call you on your lack of knowledge “don’t do it!” North Capitol at precisely this stretch is not noisy because it is mainly in a tunnel (goes under RIA, re-emerges at Randolph) which makes this the quietest stretch of North Capitol that there is. I’ll grant you that North Cap is always a bit sketch, but especially so down south of Randolph and then even worse south of Fl. Ave.

  • I’d love to have a “Quest room!”

  • This section of North Capitol is actually neither sketchy nor noisy because North Cap runs below grade with service roads at grade. Crime from around R and north is at a minimum. A majority of the residents are either older and have been there for decades or recent additions. Very few hooligans, section 8ers, transients, and trouble makers.

    The walk to the Metro is easy – 3/4s of a mile to the Shaw Metro. I walk it every day – and the sketchiest area is actually fairly far from this apartment.

    I’m so sick of this automatic bias of people against b’dale/eckington and especially North Capitol. This previous poster’s rant about this section of NCS being especially “noisy and sketchy” gives away that he/she is completely unfamiliar with the neighborhood.

    All of that said, this neighborhood can’t command an 1600/month rent for a 2br(small 2nd br) and 1ba – no matter how nice. You could get an entire house for $2100/month. There are condos up the street at R.I. and NCS that go for $249,000 for a 2br/1ba.

    I think $1400 is probably fairer, especially since there’s no parking. At 1300-1400 this place is a great deal.

    • I agree with “don’t do it!” and disagree with “Eckington Neighbor”, as most commentors have rightly pointed out there is a major sketch factor related to this part of North Capitol.

      • I wholeheartedly agree with Eckington Neighbor. I believe that the sketch factor is only an issue for people who don’t actually live, or walk, in this area. I also agree that $1600 is too much for a two-bedroom (although I really can’t tell what the dimensions of the place look like).

  • Not on that block. $800 is too expensive. You couldn’t pay me to live there.

    Especially after that hoodrat spit on me when I was on my motorcycle waiting for the light in the underpass there.

  • I dunno. I pay 1850 for a whole house with 2 huge decks, a yard and a 2 car garage several blocks north of there (and a much safer area). Its not renovated, but modernity is overrated.

  • I sometimes drive through here when I’m zipcar’ing it to Home Depot or somewhere in NE, but I’m generally unfamiliar with the neighborhood.

    With that said, I’m totally biased against it. I’m not a person who gets scared by neighborhoods around here, so that isn’t my worry. But it just seems ugly, and walking around seems unpleasant. The sizes of RI Ave and North Capitol St make it seems unfriendly to pedestrians, or at least intimidating. The retail around there isn’t very appealing. I just get an unwelcoming sense when I’m over there.

    So I admit my automatic bias, and if I had $1600 for a 2/1, I’m not looking over here. It just seems that there are numerous better neighborhoods that renters ought to consider first. Buying a house? Different story.

    • Same thing here, I drive around there everyday. It is ugly and definitely sketchy. It is just a very depressing area. Although, I would not say it is dangerous.

      • Definitely depressing in spots. Seeing a yellow eyed homeless man walking down the street is definitely a cruel reminder of the inequities in life. Though, I would say a majority of the city is depressing in some way if you get outside the nicer neighborhoods of NW and Cap Hill.

  • This is on the Bloomingdale (NW) side of North Capitol, which makes it only a smidgen more attractive. This part of North Capitol IS noisy (I live several blocks north of there as well). Morning traffic and exhaust are all the rage from about 7:30 through 10 am. Ambulances headed to Childrens’ or Washington Hospital Center are frequent (though a scant few overnight EMS drivers are courteous enough to silence their sirens as they’re driving through the megaphone under RI Ave). I often hear various forms of racing on the stretch of North Cap with no traffic lights between Adams and R.

    Mind you, don’t think I hate it here. Bloomingdale has its charm, and I’m somewhat shocked that the ad doesn’t mention Big Bear or Windows or Crispus Attucks Park, all “it” places around here. I feel fortunate that I’ve had almost six years here to see the transition up close, and to invest a small fortune on making our back porch a relaxing space.

    But to say it’s “safe” or easy to MetroRail is a stretch. I walk to Shaw since I work on the Green Line, and the stretch of RI Ave from 2nd down to the new library always feels like a crap shoot after dark. We’re on the border between 3D and 5D, both districts that have far busier areas (Adams Morgan, Trinidad, respectively), so sometimes attention to us wanes. Until the next shooting.

    $1600 would be a fair price if it were closer than 8 blocks in any direction to a train, or farther away from NY Avenue, or was a Fios test house or something. Otherwise, I’d pass.

    • I assume you live where North Cap isnt below grade? I’m sorry that it sucks so much up there… but I live on the NE side of N. Cap along the portion that is underground (quite literally across the street from this property) and i can tell you that crime and noise are not a big deal. Yes, sirens and loud motorcycles (one bike in particular) are annoying – but if you lived on the unit block in b’dale or eckington these would still be a problem. With them below grade, it really isnt too bad. Up north, where you live, I can imagine its pretty bad because everything that goes by me somewhat muffled goes by you at full decibel.

      The anecdotal stories of some really carry no weight compared to the residents who actually live there, I would hope!

      also, I cant imagine how being on the NW side vs the NE side is really all that important… its not like North Capitol keeps the headless horseman out of the NW side of the street.

      • I also live on this stretch of North Capitol and have never had an issue with the noise. I guess my only question would be, are people really concerned about rush hour traffic noise if they’re at work? If you work from home or are a student or something then I guess I could see that.

  • It’s not sketchy here. I live three blocks up and walk to the train at NY Ave every day. I’ve been here for two years. I walk around by myself at night all the time, and I am young and female. You need to be aware of your surroundings about the same as you would in Columbia Heights or Shaw. It’s actually a pretty nice mixed income area. Personally I would not buy on North Cap, but a 2nd floor rental here would be just fine. Whether it’s worth $1600 for me would depend on how big and nice the space is–for a unit that is pretty and spacious, it’s not bad.

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