Lost Dog – 15th and Harvard St NW

“Dear PoP,

His owners went to the World Cup and we were going to take care of him while they are away
but on the first day he got loose from his harness on 15th St NW and Harvard St NW and took off.

He is very skittish towards humans but does like to play with friendly dogs.
He is a regular at the Walter Pierce dog run and may try to return there or to his owners home
on Belmont St between 18th and Columbia RD in Adams Morgan.

His name is Leo and he is a black and tan Beagle mix who is 1 -1/2 years old.
He is wearing a collar with his owners cellphone numbers on it.

He was last seen running down Harvard St NW towards the zoo.

If found please call either the numbers on the collar or
(202) 253-6020 or (202) 667-5943”

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  • Best wishes in your effort to get him back. It is very stressful to have a dog run away, especially if it’s not yours. My heart goes out to you. Lots of good dog people on this site, though. Woof!

  • Dang, they lost their friends dog the first day they were taking care of him, That sucks! I hope Leo is found before the owners get back. I have a feeling these people aren’t going to asked to pet sit anymore.

  • Will those phone numbers even work if the owners (and presumably their phones) are in South Africa? I hope the pet sitters have called all the local shelters and filed a lost dog report. Staff there will contact them if someone else files a matching found dog report.

  • Oh dear God. You lost their dog while they were away at the World Cup?! I sincerely hope this turns out right. Usually on these posts I feel so bad for the lost dog, but this time….wow. Good luck.

    Since it’s a beagle maybe he’ll howl and kind of make himself noticed.

  • Poor baby dog! I hope you find him.

  • Hang signs around the area you lost him, and in any are you think he might be. Often times people call in with sightings. Go back to the areas you think he might be and talk to people around, ask them if they’ve seen the dog and to spread the word and keep an eye open. Talk to the Zoo employees if you think he might have run into the zoo. If possible, offer a reward. Don’t print too much info on fliers as they get cramped fast. Put your telephone number on the fliers as well. A friend of mine from rescue helps find lost rescue dogs and most all of them are found. But you MUST continually return to where the dog may be and hang signs, talk to people, etc. When you (hopefully) get sighting of the pup make sure you move your search to that area. Also, bring a sign to Washington Humane Society on NY Ave, they are in charge of animal control and the pup would be brought in there if caught. Don’t forget to post on Craigslist, and there is a yahoo group for lost dogs. It can’t hurt to contact WARL, as well. It will be an evening job for you for a while, but be vigilent and you will likely catch the pup.


  • Forgot: If the pup frequents a dog park go there and let everyone know he is missing (also hang flier), they will at least be able to keep an eye out for him, too!

  • Will you tell the world cup dog owners that he’s lost? Or will you pretend he’s doing fine until they get back?

    • Reminds me of this old joke:

      A man named Phil had always worked hard but had never taken even a day’s vacation. So friends and family urged him to take a big trip and get away from work. His biggest concern was his cat and who would look after the cat. Phil’s brother stepped up to the task and Phil was happily off on a long vacation.

      His first day out, Phil called his brother and the first thing he asked about was the cat. The brother replied he was very sorry but the cat had gotten out of the house and ran out into the street and was hit by a car and killed.

      Phil was devestated! Once he finally composed himself he told his brother that he really should think about how he gives bad news to people. Since Phil was going to be gone for several weeks the brother could have said something like, “The cat is on the roof.” In a day or so you could add “We’ve had trouble getting the cat down from the roof.” In that way I’d know that something was up and at least I’d be a bit prepared for the news.

      The brother apologized and said he would work at being more considerate in the future. So Phil then asked about their mother.

      After a pause, Phil’s brother said “uh, Mom’s on the roof.”

    • Don’t ruin their trip. There’s nothing they can do until they get back. Just follow PW Neighbor’s great advice!

  • Don’t trust just calling the DC Animal shelter. Actually stop by. When our dog escaped from the basement, they told us they had no record of him. It turns out that one of the neighbors corralled him and had called the shelter immediately.

    Take the picture with you too.

    • Yeah, always visit the shelter. If he loses his collar and tags and there’s no ID, you’d be surprised how differently two people can describe the same dog. Don’t just describe him over the phone to them, there is no substitute for your own eyeballs.

  • Also, do you have a neighborhood dog blog? [email protected] and the local police list serve are good places to post to a wide area net.

  • I think that’s the nicest design I’ve ever seen for a Lost Dog sign.

    • Ha, I was thinking the same thing. I thought it was an ad for a new Korean restaurant opening at first

  • hope the poor fella makes his way back to his owners when they get back (and not back into the hands of the people who couldn’t hold onto him for even a few hours)

    • Are these kinds of comments really necessary? I’m sure these poor people feel badly enough as it is; there’s no need to make them feel worse. Dogs can get very anxious when they are with new people; perhaps he was trying to escape because he thought he knew where he lived and could make it back there. This was an accident; the dog-sitters weren’t being careless.

      OP, keep us updated; I hope you have good news to report back soon!

  • This reminds me of the way Alfalfa died.

  • Contact Lucky Dog Animal Rescue. They have a great reputation for helping with lost dog searches and can offer great advice. Fortunately, tracking, trappers, etc are often the most effective and expensive solution. As is the Call Toto service though it is likely less effective in CoHi because of the lack of landlines in the neighborhood’s demographic. I’d also spam all the dog listserves/yahoo groups like petwothdogs, dcdogs, hillhounds, etc. I second going to WHS and WARL in person every day or two and asking to see ALL dogs – not just those up for adoption as a stray pickup likely wont be on the floor yet.

  • Oh man. My friend accidentally let his tenant’s dog run out the door during a snow storm and they never saw the dog again. But that was in Maryland. I am sure he will turn up!

  • You haven’t even posted a lost dog add on craigslist (pets section). I hope you’re posting elswhere, but post everywhere. The best way to find a dog is go overboard, post everywhere, tell everyone. Organize group searches…

    to dog: My friend is the one who helps organize the searches for Lost Dog. She has a great track record. You are totally right, dog trackers are expensive, but are the best!

  • Hey POP – was this dog ever found?

  • Did you hear back yet?

  • Prince Of Petworth

    The dog has been spotted in Woodley Park and there is hope for optimism. Will post more as it becomes available.

  • Hi All,

    Just to put closure to this thread, Leo was found on Belmont Road on Monday! He was literally a couple houses down from ours, and somehow our neighbor was able to corral him. He is alive and well. My wife and I just returned from the World Cup to a very happy dog. Thank you to all who posted with your kind wishes of him returning safely. And immense thanks to the fine couple and their son who spent endless hours putting up signs, coordinating with the Zoo staff, setting up traps, and tirelessly trying to find our little guy. We’re so happy to have him back.

    – Adam & Michele

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