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  • Ok, you’ve got the Bankers attention now. Your last offer was $375,000. He’s going to go out on the deck and smoke a cigar. We’ll have his next offer…after these messages…

  • Mike,

    You don’t have your camera info on flickr. What do you use to take these pictures? You seem to have a lot of very close space (metro) pictures of unsuspecting people. I’m curious if you use a single purpose camera or a smart phone or something.

  • Thanks for the post, Matt.

    Badger: Since I use film the camera info isn’t brought over as it is with digital, but I usually indicate what camera, lens and film I use in the tags for each image.

    I do 99% of my work with a Leica M4 and a moderate wide angle lens. The setup looks like this, but with a different lens on it:


    This is just what I like to use; you can get good results with almost anything. Except for camera phones that is, I don’t think they’re suitable for serious photography because the image quality is so poor.

    Thanks for looking.

  • About how much does it cost for a used M4 and lens in good condition? Under $1000?

  • It’s tough to say. The body you can get for about $800 – however there are also two variations of the M4; the M4-2 and the M4-P, which can be had for cheaper. For lenses, you can spend anywhere from $200-2000 and beyond (and there will only be a slightly discernible difference in image quality). The prices fluctuate and there’s a whole Leica collector culture which has an impact as well.

    The M4 has no meter in it. If you’re on a budget and you want a camera with a meter and auto exposure you can get a new Voigtlander Bessa. They can take Leica lenses, some of which need an adapter. They’re not as well built as the old handmade Leicas, but they’ll definitely get the job done.

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