Kitten Caught – Wanna Adopt Him/Her?

Yesterday a reader asked for advice about what to do for a very young visiting kitten. Well the kitten has returned and a neighbor has taken him/her in. The reader would like to know if anyone is interested in adopting him/her as WARL wasn’t accepting strays.

Please email me directly (princeofpetworth(at)gmail(dot)com) and I’ll connect you with the reader.

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  • Sadly can’t have a second cat. I DO want to see more pictures, and maybe snuggle him and drag a string around until he keels over in one of those hilarious kitten insta-naps.

    Hey, when’s the next pet photo contest? The backstory will give him a teeny little fuzzy leg up.

    Fun fact of the day: Over 80% of orange tabby cats (as this one appears to be) are male.

  • I live in a one room apartment and already have a cat. And she’s perfectly happy being an only cat.

  • The reader could also try the Washington Humane Society: They always accept strays.

    • NO! Do not bring any animal to the Washington Humane Society or give them money. Only bring the animal to a no-kill shelter. Why people think the washington humane society is a good idea is beyond me. They have a horrible reputation for putting down animals. This adorable cat has a much better chance of survival on the streets than in a humane society shelter.

      • Enough bad-mouthing WHS. If you were in the rescue industry you’d understand that they are an open door shelter, meaning they MUST take in all animals. Unlike WARL, which by the way turned down this kitty because they are not taking strays. Try to have a clue about the subject before you start discussing it and bad-mouthing respectable organizations.

        • Don’t fret none about the NON Sense Crew.

          We all feel very sorry for them here since they are clearly old, fat, angry, white men with no sense of identity.

          Most people of reasonable intellegence think before they share their stupidity.

          Better off on the streets… Idiot.

        • Well, I do know a fair amount about the rescue industry and I can say that as open door shelters go, WHS kind of sucks. They have a very high euthanasia rate and animals that go there aren’t given very much time.

          If you have an animal that you need to surrender and you’re able, both Arlington and Alexandria shelters are open door and do not euthanize for space (WHS does). They will take any animal brought to them – regardless of your residency or where the animal is found.

          WHS IS working on improving and while they mean well and are trying to be better, they do still kill for space so I tend to recommend the nearby VA shelters as better choices.

          • I am willing to bet you have no idea what the euth rate is at WHS, or at many other shelters. The shelter in SW VA where one of the rescues I volunteer with had a euth rate of 90%, only lowered due to rescue orgs’ help. Now that is a high rate! If the NVA shelters don’t euth due to space it is only because they don’t run out of space. You get that, right? NVA is also a completely different area than DC. I do know for a fact that the NVA shelters euth when the dogs fail a behavior test that many dogs fail. The dog is then deemed to be unadoptable due to aggression and is killed. This stat does no factor into the kill rate because the kill rate only includes “adoptable” dogs. Each shelter follows its own definition of adoptable. If you want to lower your kill rate simply deem the animal unadoptable and its death is no longer factored in.

            You see, when you actually spend time helping the shelter animals you learn information. I have fostered dozens of dogs in my home and have absolute respect for WHS because I know the facts of the situation.

          • I believe it’s something like 45% of cats, and 5% of dogs that come into WHS are euthanized.

            I’ve worked with a few shelters and rescues in the area, do know the facts and still would rather see an animal surrendered to one of the suburban shelters because the fact of the matter is the kill rate IS lower.

            I understand how the industry works. You’re correct about the behavior test – WHS does the same thing though. I’m not saying WHS isn’t dealing with a different set of circumstances than the suburban shelters, but if you can take an animal to the ‘burbs where it’s less likely to be euthanized, why wouldn’t you? They’re better funded and have more space and fewer animals.

            WHS may do the best it can, but if someone else’s “best” is better – why not help the animal by putting it there?

            By the way, WHS’s five year plan to stop euthanizing adoptable animals (their words) is coming to a close this year. How’s that going for them?

  • Kitten plus ball of yarn = great photo.

    This kitten looks like a stalker.

  • Great news! Is it possible to get a better picture – that would help a lot in the adoption campaign. Shelters unfortunately are really overloaded.

  • I fun an email list ( about 200 subscribers ) for vegans and vegetarians in the DC metro area. I posted a link to this Pop article to it to let people know


  • I would suggest bringing him to one of the previously-mentioned suburban animal shelters, or the WHS. Even though they do euthanize, this is a super-cute kitten and will in all likelihood be adopted. It’s the older cats that would be euthanized first. When I was looking to adopt a cat from WHS, I had to be persistent as all the cute, young, well-socialized ones were adopted almost as soon as they were made available. So, there may be hope for this little guy.

  • For the caretakers – I’ve emailed POP. But, it is important to keep this kitten sep from your other animals until it gets to the vet. Bathrooms work well. Thanks!

  • I nominate the cat for PoP mascot and request that he adopt said kitty. Aye’s?

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Looks like this kitten has been adopted by a reader. Thanks everyone. I’ll be sure to update with new photos when everything gets settled.

  • I had a very cute orange kitten like that I named Danny…Metro Ferals posted an ad for me on Petfinders and I posted a link in a comment on PoP. A PoP reader adopted him and later on he was nominated for Coolest Pet in PoPville…a great happy ending!

  • Yes! I love happy endings – the kitten who came in from the cold, except it’s summer

  • Hi everyone!

    I am taking in the kitten and fostering HER until she is old enough to be spayed in mid-July. I would love to find her a permanent home at that point. Let me know if you are interested!

  • As the Outreach Coordinator for Last Chance Animal Rescue in Waldorf MD, I encourage everyone to consider adopting a cat as part of their family. We are one of the largest no-kill shelters in the US, rehoming about 150 cats each week from our partnership with 25 PetSmarts in the metro Baltimore Washington area.

    We have a continual influx of eight to 12 cats of all varieties in each of our stores which we have acquired from other shelters that have placed them on their euthanasia schedule. Our in-house vet staff has the capability to treat cats that would otherwise be considered unadoptable by other shelters and we only euthanize when medically necessary for the benefit of the cat when every other effort has been made to save their lives. We are able to save so many lives because of the compassion of so many residents of the metro area who have made an adoption commitment which frees up more space for us to take in more cats.

    Every cat is spayed/neutered and receives complete vet care before being made available in our stores. Please help us help the cats by becoming a feline parent. It is only a 15 year commitment and the best companion you can count on to bring you unconditional love. And volunteers are always welcomed.

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