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  • By far, the best service and prices for sushi in DC. Lunch specials, if you can get there, are even better. The suhsi itself is also fantastic. Also easy to go to when the line at the stupid pizza joint (Two Amys) across the street is always too long.

  • they’re not the best in the city, but sushi sushi is good and extremely reliable. i’ve never been unhappy with something i’ve gotten there. usually the service is great, too.

  • kotobuki is my number one pick (delicious and cheap) but it’s hard to get to way over in palasaides. runner up: sushi-ko (delicious but not cheap) but unless you live near glover park suffers from the same problem.

    • +1 – Kotobuki is cheap and great. One warning; they play the Beatles non-stop, but even if you can’t stand the music, it’s still worth it.

      • ah

        True, but the music isn’t terribly loud.

        • yes, it’s pretty easy to tune out. also, they are very good about to-go orders. we usually call ahead, drive there and park right in front, race upstairs to collect our goodies, and race back home to eat.

  • I want to try this place but have always steered clear of it simply because I never see more than 5 people there. And with long waits often at Cactus and 2amys and not a lot of restaurants in that area you would think they would be more busy if their product was worthwhile.

  • Go to Sushi Sushi. Go there. It is incredibly delicious.

  • I used to live across the street an would eat there once every week or so. I love this place and highly recommend it.

  • I love this place. Is it the best sushi in the city? No. But it’s darn good and relatively inexpensive. It also helps that there’s a decent patio and the servers are always friendly.

  • I adore this place. It’s my neighborhood sushi spot. It is fantastic, reliable, and affordable… and the staff are super friendly. Go to Sushi Sushi!!

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