Judging Restaurants – Point Chaud

We recently learned about Point Chaud’s soft opening at 1734 14th Street, NW (south of S). I know I usually wait a bit longer for a Judging Restaurants post but I stopped by this weekend and thought it was delicious. Anyone else check them out yet? Oh yeah and they have Illy coffee as well!

The space looks great as well:

And since I take many of my lunches on the road I can’t think of a more perfect concoction. I always go with cheese, tomato and avocado? What is your favorite concoction?

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  • Ooh, they have carry-around crepes! This is a space that’s seriously under-represented in the U.S. crepe market — crepes are great street food, and most American crepe shops just sell overstuffed, fork and knife meals. I’ll have to check them out.

  • I noticed it was open on sunday and stopped in to try it. got the honey and almond crepe. it was tasty, and i got it to go as well. Huge points for the to-go packaging. It was easy to eat while walking and priced well.

  • Uh-oh, that’s right up the street from my office! I foresee lots of crepes in my future…

  • Prince, did you happen to get a photo of the menu? I’m dying to find out what they are offering.

  • Just stopped in for lunch. Nice place. Nice people. I would suggest, however, that the cheese selection was a bit, um, “non-traditional.” Had a mushroom and spinach crepe, fresh spinach, fresh mushrooms, garlic (all little on the raw side for my taste but I like my garlic cooked). The really bummer was the cheese options – feta, monterrey jack, cheddar and riccota. Not a french cheese in the bunch. And, the Jack cheese that I settled for was just a little too “processed cheese food” flavored for my taste. My impression was that the cheese was pretty low quality. Given the freshness of the other ingredients, I was kind of disappointed.

    But, I’ll be back to try the sweet crepes. I bet those are better.

  • Can’t wait to try this! Did they have different batter for the sweet and savory crepes? And do they have nutella? Would love to see the menu, so maybe someone could take a photo and send it to PoP.

  • There’s a Nutella wall. It’s the U.S. Strategic Nutella Reserve. Plus, there are white and whole wheat crepes. Not bad…

  • The best cheese to use in crepes is traditional Emmenthal, like they use in France.

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