Judging Restaurants – Marcel’s

Marcel’s is located at 2401 Pennsylvania Ave, NW. Anyone ever do the seven course meal? Any must order dishes? For those who have eaten at both do you prefer Marcel’s or their other restaurant, Basserie Beck (1101 K St, NW)?

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  • Haven’t eaten there in years, but back when I had time (i.e. no kids) to eat at places like that, it was one of my favs. Never had a bad dish at Marcel’s.

  • I had their pre-theater meal. It was delicious, and actually pretty reasonably priced. Plus, they give you a ride to and from the Kennedy Center.

  • The food is good, but it’s probably the snootiest restaurant I’ve been to in DC. Just a very high-falutin attitude from everyone there.

  • Definitely snooty and definitely pricey BUT definitely worth the price tag, especially for the pre-theater. Delectable dishes and you should come back from the KC (in the free, pimp ride) for dessert. Absolutely divine.

  • One man’s snooty is another’s sophisticated, attentive service. I love this place. Wish I could afford it more often.

  • You can’t really compare Marcel’s and Brasserie Beck. Same chef yes, but it’s like comparing Citronelle and Central. Not quite the same categorie of restaurants.

  • Snooty? I’ve only had the best service there. Very knowledgeable and attentive waiters… they were nominated for the James Beard award for outstanding service (and deseved it).

  • Best meal I’ve had in DC (and agree that Brasserie Beck is just no comparison), absolutely fantastic. Super, super pricey, but a great special occasion place. Not a wrong note in any of the courses.

  • The 2nd best service I’ve had in the DC metro area (1st was La Bergere in Alexandria). Expensive? Hell yeah, but worth it.

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