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  • I was less than impressed. The food was okay, if pricey, and the wine selection was impressive. Biggest gripe was the service. Wouldn’t stop bugging us when we were still deciding, then disappeared when we did need them, never refilled the waters, and then the reason why I’ll probably not go back for a while, was that the waitress took a huge tip when we were expecting to get our change back, and then she claimed she couldn’t fix it because she was “bad at math.” So that left a sour taste in my mouth.

  • We had a wonderful dinner there. The service was very warm and friendly, although it did seem like they are still trying to settle into a rhythm. The food was delicious, and priced about the same as other comparable DC restaurants.

  • Mmmmm…Turkish food. Sorry Arabs, Iranians, and Greeks, but Turkish food is by far the best of the region.

  • We had a great experience there. The food was good and we had a very friendly and knowledgeable waiter. Would definitely go back again. Romantic setting.

  • I echo the comments above – went during the week, the server was very attentive, the food was amazing, almost overwhelming selection of wines and it is a great (if small) space.

  • I thought it was very similar to Meze. Three big differences:

    There’s no outdoor seating, which is one of the best things about Meze.

    The wine and beer selection seemed much better at Ezme.

    The fresh baked pita bread, which is amazing at Meze, tastes like it gets trucked over to Ezme afterwards. It does not travel well.

  • Been twice. Very pleased the first time – quiet, good food, overly attentive but friendly service.

    Second time – service was pretty average. Food was ok. Asked for a little extra feta for arugula and feta salad since there were like two sprinkles on top and they wanted to charge us $1 for the extra cheese. C’mon. Do you guys need that $$ more than some happy customers in the n’hood? Lame.

  • Stopped in last night for a glass of wine at the bar while waiting for a table at Pizzeria Paradiso across the street. So glad we did. Knowledgeable and friendly bartender, nice ambiance. Didn’t try the food, but I look forward to coming back and exploring the menu. Initially went to Eola a couple of doors down, but oddly, they didn’t quite know what to do with us, since we were only interested in wine. While there was a bar upstairs, there were no bar stools, so we left. Glad we ended up, however briefly, at Ezme.

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