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  • I was headed there last week and I wish I could tell you how the food was, but I accidentally wandered in through the wrong door and ended up getting a mani-pedi instead.

  • i hope it’s good! i was just in turkey and this is only a block from my new place, so hopefully its food lives up to some of the delicious stuff i was eating in istanbul. not sure why they gave it a greek name if everything on their menu is turkish.

  • terrible service…..

  • Really good! Especially the kibbeh and the zucchini pancakes. I think (hope) that Agora will buck the curse of this location, and have a longer shelf life than its predecessors.

    • Well, Jacks was there a while. Le Pigalle, or whatever that joke was, admittedly was a blink of the eye but was also the exception. Peppers and before that Boss Shepherds (same owner) were there for years. I don’t think this location is cursed at all.

  • I dont know about Agora, but I hope it doesn’t hurt Pasha Bistro next door. I love that place. (No I don’t own it – and I do plan on going to Agora.)

  • this place is good but the nail place next door is terrible. seriously, stay away and save yourself the 30 bucks because your feet will feel just as foul the next day.

    • I used to get my eyebrows waxed there and would recommend it for that, at least. The prices are the lowest I’ve seen anywhere, even out in SE and the burbs.

  • Was there last weekend for after theater food. The restaurant celebrates Turkish and Greek food, so the Greek name works. Service was knowledgeable and griendly, food was delicious, and a selection of ouzo AND raki (our server helped us choose which). Prices were reasonable. I hope it breaks the curse too, I think this is the fourth restaurant I’ve seen in my 12 years here. Oh, and check out all the marble in the bathrooms. Not feeling the communal sinks though.

  • DRINKS: Measured pour = no buzz. BEER: Large and Small (seriously), and OVERPRICED. FOOD: The things our party tried, one in five people liked what they got. DOWNLOW: They closed to switch out the crowd. Ownership had no problem making this known. So if you went to Jack’s, don’t go back. Outside of two of the bartenders from Jack’s who come back on certain nights, there is nothing redeeming about this place.

    • Well put J. The owner didn’t like that Jack’s turned into a “bar”, totally alienating any previous patrons. Jack’s was a fun place, Agora not so much.

  • The food is incredible, but I’m not sure it’s worth the prices. Agora is a facade of fine dining. It’s a good vision on the wrong street.

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