Judging Buildings – Pop Up and Out in Progress

The pop up at 2212 11th St, NW seems to be progressing nicely.
I think we looked at this a few months ago, but I’m afraid I can’t find those photos.
At this point are you feeling positive or negative about the renovation?

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  • That looks wretched. I cannot believe that the City would allow someone to build something so out of character and so out of place with the surrounding properties. Does this comply with the local zoning laws?
    I hope the renovators put windows on the side overlooking 2214, and that someone buys 2214 and adds an equally horrific popup that completely covers those windows.

  • It looks…really strange. Do not like. At all.

  • I walk by this building every day and it looks absolutely terrible close-up. It’s been cheap, low quality construction work every step of the way. I do hope that they are at least going to do something to improve the appearance of that wall. It looks a lot worse in reality than it does on this picture.

  • I walk by here every day. What’s weird is that the building is only like 8 ft wide. so you have like five floors of over-cramped space.

  • that place is a really bad joke

    I feel bad about the poor suckers who will buy/live in this place not knowing about the quality and with all the neighbors glaring at them.

  • I don’t get why they didn’t completely demolish the old building and instead used its cracked walls as a foundation for the new building. Not only does it look ridiculous, but it’s clearly not a solid foundation for the building. The wall could barely hold itself up before they tacked on the additional 2-3 floors and it doesn’t look like it can sustain the additional weight. There were huge, deep cracks all over that wall before they put this thick yellow paint on it.

  • I pass this place every day on my way to work. Agreed with everything posted above.

  • I wonder what that first-floor apartment is going to look like given that it’s like 8 ft wide (minus the width of the stairs) and has barely any windows.

  • “Strange looking pop up renovations to an 8 ft wide five story rowhome aren’t exactly getting rave reviews from the neighbors.”

  • “I don’t get why they didn’t completely demolish the old building and instead used its cracked walls as a foundation for the new building.”

    Indeed. Not like it was a terribly attractive/significant old building to begin with.

    But yeah, variety is a good thing I suppose…

  • Very sad. It probably meets code but code does not define design. Only an Historic District can define design. There are lots of modern pop ups in the area. Pop up defined as tall buildings on narrow lots. Some people have more money than taste.

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