Judging Buildings – Connecticut and N St, NW

The building at the corner of Connecticut and N Streets, NW is finally completed. I think it looks awesome. Do you think it will age well? Overall thumbs up or down?

Incidentally has anyone heard any rumors of what retail will go in? Is there still a citibank here?

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  • Thumbs down on the new rage “glass box” building design. In 30 years we will look back at this stage in commerical architecture like we do Brutalism now.

    I hate the look of brutalist buildings but atleast brutalist buildings are built to last… with heavy concrete structures. From an engineering point of view, these glass cubes that have been sprouting up all over town are an O&M nightmare and expensive as hell.

    All that framless glass is held up by rubber gasketed clips. Rubber, due to exposure to UV and simply time, wear out, become brittle and fail. None of these new glass buildings will last 20 years before the owner starts having to do full scale glass anchoring repairs.

  • Citibank is still there. It has been open during the construction.

  • It seems like the heating/cooling bill for these buildings would be astronomical, unless they have some crazy new kind of glass.

  • I admit to being surprised that in the midst of all our green-talk, we’re still building and occupying these glass buildings. I may have to ask some friends of mine in the industry if there’s some magical solution to the obvious temperature problem this design would seem to pose.

  • I worked in that building for several years in the late 90s/early aughts, before the remodeling. It’s a huge aesthetic improvement. WDC, it’s possible that the building is now significantly greener, too, simply by virtue of upgraded design & materials.

    joker, the worst thing about brutalist architecture, to me, is how much worse it looks as it ages. Concrete stains and colors unevenly, minor metal trimmings dent, flake, rust or fade, AND the design itself doesn’t translate. I have to believe this will hold its looks better, even if the gaskets wear.

  • Joker is on to something…

    There’s a great future in rubber gaskets. Think about it. Will you think about it?

  • blester01

    Although these buildings are a maintenance issue from the expansion and contraction of the glass plus the heat gain inside the spaces, I think it is an improvement. The old post-modernist facade was an eyesore. I work down the street from this building and I can’t wait to see what happens to it when people move in. I am betting lots of makeshift curtains will be installed on the west facade.

    This was definitely a better facade restoration than the Heritage Foundation upgrade that took place a year or two ago. That building went from ugly to worse.

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