Judging Buildings – 2200 Pennsylvania Ave, NW

Remember the giant hole in the ground at Washington Circle by George Washington University? Here’s what it looks like now. Nearly finished. Last summer Mid-Atlantic construction wrote about the property at 2200 Pennsylvania Ave, NW:

“Ultimately, the project will include the office space and 84,000 sq ft of retail space. It will include a full-service grocery store, pedestrian plaza and 333 rental units.”

It will be interesting to see what retail is still planning to go into this space.

I know there’s mixed feelings about all glass buildings, but I think this one came out pretty well. What do you guys think – thumbs up or down?

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  • It really lightens up the circle there. I know many disagree, but I like the glass. It’s humanizing to work in a glass building, getting to actually see the sun while behind a desk, and it brigthens up cities a bit.

    Also, those buildings are going to add a ton of retail and more residents to the area. I even heard that Whole Foods (not Giant) is looking to fill the grocery space.

  • I live in a building on the circle and am eager for this project to be done- I think it looks nice so far. Double thumbs-up if it is indeed a Whole Foods! (I’ve heard rumor of that as well, SG)

  • Nice! The grocery store which moves in here is going to make a killing – the Senior Safeway is the worst, and the Trader Joe’s is nice but doesn’t always have what you need.

  • I love what they’ve done with that block. I moved to DC shortly after they tore down the old hospital, and it seems like it took FOREVER just to break ground. I must say, the results seem to be worth the wait!

    That said, I can’t believe they didn’t make the developer pay for a second metro station entrance at 22nd & I. They’ve added all of this nice office, residential and retail space, but it’s going to make the lines and crowding to get in and out of the Foggy Bottom Metro Station EVEN WORSE during the inevitable and perpetual escalator outages there. A second entrance would have really helped, and THEY ALREADY HAD A BIG HOLE IN THE GROUND! Whew… rant over.

  • They put this up quickly! Considering that I lived by GW last summer and last visited a couple months ago and it was barely built. Looks fantastic!

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