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  • It’s a Yankees bar, so that’s an automatic demerit in some regard, but it might be a pretty nice place to hang out from October through March.

  • waitstaff blows they all deserved to be iced

    • I had a pretty terrible experience with a waiter one night. Can’t say I feel an urge to go back.

  • Used to hit up this bar back in my college days. It was great for the pool table and jukebox upstairs. Can’t say I’d ever go back though…

  • What Richard *meant* to say was that it’s a Yankees bar, and therefore prima facie fantabulous. (Can’t lie, though — I probably wouldn’t ever make the trek over there if it wasn’t for Yanks games).

  • definitely a favorite for GW students. tuesday night wings special is a good deal. nothing special

  • The bartender there named Ryan is a pretty upstanding guy. Otherwise the place is pretty lame. It’s basically bro central.

  • Spent a lot of time there in college. Pretty sure i’ve had my fill.

  • I once got iced by one of my bros there.

  • This bar is great if you want a chill place to hang out and watch a game. It is not a place to “see and be seen”. So long as others want to watch a game that you want to watch, or there is a free TV (they have several) they are willing to put your game on if you request it. As far as bartenders go, they have some awesome ones… and they have some lame ass ones. I highly suggest Kurtis, Ryan, or Matt. Avoid Bjorn and Brett like the plague, as they are top notch assholes. The wait staff is very friendly yet overworked. Treat them well and they will give you wonderful service.

    • Bjorn is indeed an asshole. A group of us tired of his attitude and started calling him Bjork, about which he was none too happy.

      captcha: official stoniest

  • I work in the neighborhood and hit this place probably once every other month after work. I can’t say I would go out of my way for it, but it’s one of the better things going in that part of town. Which is not saying much.
    The place next door, Marshall’s, is ok, too. Matter of fact, I think I might like Marshall’s a little bit better.

  • I’ve never been there, but I like that PoP asked how the Wings and Burgers are and not one person so far has mentioned either.

  • Oh college…crappy bar, but good memories.

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