Interesting Locations for Campaign Banners

I’m just wondering if anyone knows how campaign banners get posted on and/or in vacant buildings or buildings under going renovations. Is it first come first served? If there is an owner, I assume it is at the discretion of the owner, but what if the building is vacant. The one above is from the old CVS by the Chinatown metro on 7th and H St, NW.

It’s actually pretty cool, there was even one with Chinese:

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  • Any news on when that CVS will be opening? I understand they had shuttered it in order to do a big remodel…

  • If there is an owner? Under what circumstances would property not have an owner?

  • every building has an owner. i assume Wong still owns the property until the foreclosure/bankruptcy is complete, so she can put up whatever signs she wants, and whoever gets the building after her can put up whatever signs they want

  • Won’t this just make passers-by associate Mr. Gray with empty ugly buildings?

  • Could someone who can read Chinese translate that stuff?

  • “Vince Gray for President of Decrepit Buildings and Urban Decay”

  • There is also major Vincent Gray signage in the windows of the vacant Taco Bell/KFC and defunct Chinese restaurant next door to it in Van Ness, right below Veazey Terrace on Connecticut. There was actually a big gathering of people in there one night last week when I went by — Wednesday maybe?

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