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  • interesting that there is no railing on the porch. makes for a distinct look.

  • I am always suprised at how many houses I see with awesome porches and no furniture on them! Do people take their furniture inside every day (instead of chaining it up)? There are many great porches and balconies in DC that seem to go to waste! If I were lucky enough to have either I would be out there 24-7.

    I do see what looks like a bench near the door…

    • When we moved to Petworth in 2003, one day we were chaining up our porch furniture and our 50-something long-time neighbor laughed at us and asked why. We were used to it — if we had left them unsecured at our apartment in Logan Circle they would have been gone in hours. He told us not to bother and we haven’t since. We’ve even gotten somewhat nicer stuff since then and it’s still fine. Funny how in [insert adjective] Logan Circle (we were priced out) we had to lock up our furniture but in [insert adjective] Petworth we don’t.
      Sorry for the aside. The house is lovely, and I really like the blue color.

  • I love this house! My Husband and I try to aim our walks over in that direction so we can get a look every once in a while.

  • I walking by this house for 9+ years, I have never seen anyone sitting on the porch. Kinda a shame. The new(er) owners have done a great job with the house, painting it, fixing up and I think expanding the back garage/barn structure. I agree, great house.

  • Wow, a wrap-around porch that really wraps ROUND. Fabulous!

  • My favorite too! It looks like it has a garage and a guest house in the back, too – it’s not just my favorite in Petworth, but in all of DC.

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