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This is actually going to be Ledroit Park’s newest business.

“Dear PoP,

First, the guys that own the LeDroit Park Market are apparently opening a sandwich place on the corner of Elm and 2nd (across from Parker Flats, yellow building) sometime in the next few weeks.”

I spoke with the folks from Ledroit Park Market and they said the new spot (pictured above) should be open in the next week or so. In the meantime, I think outside looks great.

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  • yeah complete with plexiglass around the register. i had high hopes for this but no longer. huge step back for the neighborhood. sigh.

  • Movement has been very slow on this spot. I had heard a couple of years back that it was going to be a pizza place.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      When I spoke to folks at the Market they said that Pizza and Burgers will also be available at this new spot at 2nd and Elm

  • I’m excited for more food options! Lighten up guys, the owner of Ledroit Park Market have had their fair share of hold ups at gun point, including a bullet hole in the glass of their store.

    • “Lighten up” about a little piece of New York Avenue landing on the corner adjacent to my house? No thanks. This sucks in a huge way. Simon had big plans for this (lengthy beer list, outdoor seating, etc) back in the day, but it has become a nightmare.

      • amen. get the police to set up a situation similar to what they do for windows cafe. they had trouble with crime, had contemplated putting plexiglass back up, and were convinced not to. they haven’t had any problems with the cops stopping in to sign the logbook regularly since.

  • Been talking about this for years. Never gonna happen, not enough traffic. Just go sit there on any summer day.

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