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  • best thing about the color of this house is that all the trees down Thomas Street change into the same shade of yellow in the fall.

  • I was there when they painted it. It was previously painted in a more muted version of that color scheme. The owners hired a hispanic crew, and asked them to paint it with the same colors, and then left for the day. When they returned they saw this day-glo result. One of them seemed like she was crying.

    Now that I walk by it every day, it’s grown on me.

  • maybe the paint will fade over time

  • Painting stone is an abomination in the baby Jesus’ eyes; truly, he weeps at this. Usually these Romanesque rowhouses look more handsome in their original (unpainted) state.

    • … baby Jesus’ eyes… Go away cult member.

      Color is not a bad thing at all.

      • Uh, okay. If you think a 2000-year-old religion is a cult, and if you didn’t see the obvious humor in me mentioning the baby Jesus, then I won’t argue with someone of your obvious brilliance.

        It’s all in the eye of the beholder, but THIS color on THIS house is vulgar and unattractive, but I know there is a large segment of the population who is attracted to bright and shiny colors.

  • I LOVE all the different colored houses in my ‘hood.

  • I bike past this house every day on my way to work was just thinking last week about how I would paint it if it were mine 😉

  • I actually like it.

  • It’s the colors of your frog prince.

  • Somebody likes John Deere tractors.

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