Horse’s Ass Award: 10th and V Street, NW (Reader Recommendation)

“Dear PoP,

I live near the boarded up church on 10th & V Streets and noticed what seems to be a recently crumbled outer wall on the top floor at the back. You can see it in the top of this iPhone snapshot taken from the alley. This must be a horses ass contender.”

I absolutely agree with you, this property has been vacant way too long. And the extra crime here is that the potential is astronomical. This is such a beautiful building. I’d love to hear from the owner of this one.

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  • I heard it’s owned by Sorg & Associates, the architect that did the Visio & Murano buildings adjacent to the church. The plan was to convert the structure into condos. Would be interesting to hear what’s going on at this point. It’s too beautiful a building to be left in its current state.

  • please for the love god, do not tear this building down! please rehab it into cool and unique condos.

  • my fear is that they have no plans to tear it down, just let it deteriorate to the point of no return, then haul away the pile of bricks that’s left.

  • I bet they are planning to rehab it into cool condos. Evidently the condo building adjacent to it was designed as an architectural counterpoint to the church structure so I doubt they would tear it down. The people who put up that condo building next door are the owners of the church.

  • They should turn it into a microbrewery like the Church Brew Works in Pittsburgh. That place is awesome.

  • Speaking of old vacant churches, has anybody heard who was the buyer of the church at 13th and Irving, and what they plan to do with it?

  • Props to the Church Brew Works in Pittsburgh – LOVE that place!

  • Sorg seems to do some pretty good work…but this church seems somewhat small for her firm.

  • Sorg is the owner and the intent was NOT to make it into condos. The intent is/ was to make it her architecture office and to accompany new condos on the corner. She has ignored the city pleas to clean it up. It is a historic property and can’t be torn down. Those who put up the condo buildings next door (Robertson) do NOT own the church.

  • Wish I had the money to buy it and turn it into a cool boutique hotel/b&b.

  • Sorg did however design the building next door for Robertson. The building is a national historic landmark and was designed by Paul Pelz one of the architects of the Library of Congress.

  • Just to add a few points, the story I’ve heard is that Sorg paid a significant sum for the building ($4 or $5 million) at the peak of the market. The general consensus is that she paid too much and now doesn’t have the resources to develop it. This may be hearsay, though.

    Also, the building was not historic when she bought it, although became a landmark almost immediately after, which threw a wrench into her redevelopment plans.

  • walked in the alley behind the church tonight. there are several places in the back, top to bottom, that are now bowed out and ready to crumble. when it starts, a LOT of the building could come down. it is now not just a nuisance but a threat to adjacent property and the life of anyone who happens to be walking by when it crumbles.

  • that’s more of a reason why the city needs to step in and protect its historical landmarks — and not allow delinquent owners to let buildings crumble.

  • POP comes through again, responding to my question “Who can I contact?” with Michael Rupert’s (DCRA) email. Michael Rupert responded almost immediately, telling me he had contacted the office of the Chief Building Inspector. Within a few hours, someone official was taking photos of the damage, and I’m hopeful something will be done about this.

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