Good Deal or Not? “Remarkable 1874 Victorian” Edition

This home is located at 1342 Corcoran St, NW:

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The flier says:

“Remarkable 1874 Victorian, Painstakingly restored to original charm & upgraded with all modern amenities. Rental unit in basement and rear carriage house. 2car alley parking. Beautifully landscaped rear courtyard & upper level terrace. Mosaic marble bths, jetted tub. Imported Mrble Mantels, Gourmet SS Kit. Viking stove with hood. 4 Fireplaces. A unique treasure!!!”

You can find more info and photos here and a virtual tour here (warning: virtual tour plays painful music).

Sorry to technically have two house porn posts in a row but I couldn’t wait a whole week to post this one. I’ve always been curious to see what they look like on the inside. I’m not disappointed, you? It’s yours for $1,895,000.

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  • Oh mamma. Me likey! The decor in some rooms isnt really to my liking (nor the red carpet on the staircase), but it is an amazing property! Wish I had $1.8 mil…

  • I don’t know if it’s a good deal, although that location right off of 14th seems ideal. I love the Second Empire style, and – Wow – the interior is absolutely gorgeous! It’s right next to that church, so you might have parking problems on Sundays if you don’t park in your own alley spot. There is a Zipcar lot right across the street, if you don’t drive. Too bad this house and the neighbor aren’t painted the same colors, though…

  • Logan Circle places are always fun to look at on Zillow ten year graphs…

    Could have been yours for around 500k in 2000. And the last sale was in ’98 for 390k 😮 I wonder what it looked like back then – certainly not as nice as it does today.

  • It’s still not the sort of place you’d want to make a habit of walking around in late at night and it probably never will be, but holy crap, does Logan Circle ever have some gorgeous housing stock!

  • Absolutely beautiful. There’s a little pool of drool collecting on my desk…

  • This house had me in the palm of it’s hand until I saw the brown tile in the bathrooms. If they had done up the bathrooms like the powderoom it probably would have gone for over $2 million but, that being said, I would grovel like a pig to have this. To think I was born three blocks away. What were my parents thinking when they moved.

  • PoP I did not realize that you lived in such a nice home. The basment level rents for $1800?

  • I love this street.
    House is a winner; entry staircase, roof deck, location, parking – I would just tone down the décor.

  • Two sweet ones in a row PoP!

  • I dunno about these museum places. There are many cool aspects to the house, but I just can’t help but ‘giggle’ thinking about the owners in Colonial Williamsburg Costumes.

    Where can I buy the Shower Curtains?

  • So gorgeous I don’t even really begrudge them the 485% appreciation since they bought it.

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