Good Deal or Not? I Know it’s Expensive but you gotta see this water feature edition

This home is located at 3203 Macomb St, NW:

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The flier says:

“Stunning, bright home with glorious private grounds and 2 lower level suites. Large open first floor with wonderful great room, perfect for art collectors and set up for entertaining indoors and outdoors. Private top floor master suite. Double size lot, perfect for gardeners. Close to metro, shops, and schools.”

You can find more info here and photos here.

So what do you think of that water feature? It’s yours for $1,699,000.

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  • Wouldn’t that water feature be a huge mosquito breeding ground in the warmer months?

    • ah

      Moving water should limit that (standing water is the problem). Mosquito dunks would help too.

    • Also if there are fish in the pond they would eat the eggs before they had a chance to hatch.

      • But iffff they don’t get them all in time, the fish may get bitten when they emerge from beneath the surface of the water. It is a legitimate concern, fellas.

        • ah

          If I’m the owner, I’m more concerned that those fish start walking into the house than that they get a few bug bites.

        • Seriously? You’re claiming mosquitoes actually bite fish? We need some serious documentation here fella.

  • As the owner of my own water feature (which came with the house and was thoroughly impressive the first time we saw it) and recently out over $2000 for repairs and maintenance to said water feature, which is much smaller than this one, I would advise not to believe the hype about them. If you want water and are going to have something that big, why not put in a pool? It’s not as if that pond is any safer for children than a pool. Beautiful? Yes. Practical? Not at all. Caveat emptor.

    • I disagree. I’d much rather have an interesting water feature with plants, fish, frogs, and wildlife around it than a swimming pool. Then again, I prefer swimming in moving water — oceans and rivers — than in sterile chlorinated pools (wouldn’t swim in a pond either).

      • Maybe it’s just that I’m still smarting from the check I wrote to the pond company, or maybe it’s this heat, but my greater point is that I look at the pictures of that water feature, as visually pleasing as it is, and just see a big ‘ol money pit that won’t cool me off and doesn’t get women to come over and don bikinis. The same things that cause people to caution against pools are applicable to ponds.

  • I am seriously doubting that those two “suites” are legal apartments.

  • Wow,I walk past this place all the time and had no idea it was that large.

    Still,nice as that back yard is,I’d much rather have a garage.

  • I really like the house too (lots of beautiful houses on Macomb Street) but it is kind of weird to pay $1.7 mil and have to park on the street.

  • you couldn’t pay me to live there.

  • The house is expensive. I looked at it about 8 years ago when it was around $1 million (in a HUGE boom market,) and I think it’s been sold a few times since then. The “master bath” is literally about the size of a postage stamp, b/c the “master bedroom” was an addition that you can see on the top floor from the rear of the house. This house is what I call a “one room wonder.” The living room is nice, and the back yard is very pretty.

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