Good Deal or Not? “extraneous quotes” edition (Reader Request)

This home is located at 74 W St, NW:

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The flier says:

Charming “Federal Style Brick End Unit, in the “Heart of DC” minutes to Downtown & Virginia. Walk to Everything. Very Spacious, w/ 3 Bdrms/2 Full BA, Separate Dining Room, Beautiful Original Hard Wood Floors Throughout, Many upgrades, Kitchen/Baths. Office/LL. Lots of Storage. Laundry Room. Yard Area and Outdoor Porch “The Classic Charm, Location, and Space in an End Unit in “Ledroit Park” Hurry!.

You can find more info here and photos here.

The reader writes:

“A lot of people seem to comment about how “generic” some of the flips are that you feature in the Good Deal or Not posts, so I’m curious what folks have to say about a place like this: lots of character, but needs some updating. They’re missing bathroom and bedroom photos, but I love the old details.”

Do you guys think this 3 bed/3bath is reasonably priced at $445,000?

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  • I like the old details too – especially the staircase/entry way. Don’t know much about prices in this area, but “minutes to Virginia?” Please.

    • It’s actually true. You hop on NJ Ave down to NY and onto the 395 tunnel (or from there probably N. Capitol to NY) and across the river. Of course, traffic can change the minutes to a lot more, but that’s true most everywhere. I’ve gone from Bloomingdale to DCA in 15 minutes at night.

      • Yeah you’re right. I guess it’s just never ‘minutes’ when I need it to be ‘minutes.’

  • It’s okay if you want to live in crime ridden bloomingdale, nowhere near a metro

  • All I know is whoever organized that pantry is a little OCD. I’m loving the perfect rows of salad dressing and cereal boxes. Seriously awesome.

  • a little steep. you could get the same house in Northern columbia heights for that price and I think most would consider that a far better location than a block from north capital. Maybe if ground had already been broken on McMillan development but that could end up being a decade away.

    • Also, this property in columbia heights would be 50-75k higher. When you say “north columbia heights” if you mean .75 miles up 14th Street, than yes.. I guess so. However, thats a totally different area than bloomingdale.

  • Who are these anal real estate people? Why would you post a picture of a ceiling fan and just the dishwasher but not the kitchen, bedrooms or living room and “walk to everything”, where? That being said, I love the woodwork, separation of rooms and plastered walls. Bet you could get the house cheaper considering the work you’d have to do.

  • @anonomatopoeia It’s actually safer than most parts of DC if you actually look at crime statistics. I live in bloomingdale and love it.

    • That’s because there’s no one to rob there right now.

      Move 3-4 dozen DINKs in and there will be plenty of crime.

      • And that’s true of any DC neighborhood….criminals go where the money is.

        My point wasn’t that this is a bad hood, it’s that this neighborhood isn’t magically immune.

  • I think the price is about right for where houses are selling in the neighborhood. If the basement can be rented and the upstairs is in decent shape, it should sell in the mid $400K range no problem.

  • I live on that block. The houses are spacious and have big yards. For those of us who commute to parts of the metro area by car, the location is great since it offers rapid access to NY Ave, 395, and BW Parkway. (It really does take less than 15 minutes to get to the Virginia side of 395 if it’s not rush hour).

    North Capitol gets rough around R Street and Florida, but it doesn’t really affect northern Bloomingdale. The price seems about right to me, but I know that PoP readers will dump on the neighborhood anyway.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      You know many if not most PoP readers are huge fans of Bloomingdale. Just because there are some critical and vocal commenters, don’t let that skew the overall appreciation for the neighborhood by most readers.

      As a matter of fact that comment applies to nearly every neighborhood covered in PoPville. There will always be some vocal detractors but remember just because people are vocal does not mean they are the majority. I have a million examples to back that up…

      • Well good point…

        BTW, the house is currently a half-way house for the mentally retarded (which may explain the somewhat institutional line up of salad dressing in the pantry). They’ve been pretty good neighbors overall.

      • I agree. However, there are a ton of vocal jerks about Bloomingdale and Eckington. Its like they drive through once and have made a determination.

        Is it racism? General home turf bias? Regret that they didnt get a great deal here before they were priced out of the market?

        Regarding the property itself, I’d say its a little over priced. Down a few blocks and on the NE side, a gorgeous end unit, with less of a yard, no parking, but completely updated with really nice finishes went for $490 in 22 days. I’d say with the amount of work this one needs, maybe 420-430k is on target. The Unit Block of W is nice, but those homes down bring as much character as the competing houses on other blocks.

        • Wouldn’t you say there’s a bias between houses on the NW and NE side of North Capitol? While the house might be the same for all intents and purposes, the fact that this is on the unit block of the NW side will probably boost its purchase price.

          • Yes, unfortunately (sometimes 100 yds is all it takes for 50-75,000 on North Cap, R.I., etc…). However, I took that discount into account.

            The house on Todd Place that went for $490 would have gone for $550,000 on the unit block of Seaton.

      • my favorite is still, “way out in bloomingdale”. i’ve taken to telling people thats where i live.

  • surprised to see the negative comments. Seems like a good deal to me, especially considering that it comes with a very deep yard.

    I believe buyers (and POP commenters) overvalue the flashy stuff like countertops and new appliances, which aren’t really that expensive or hard to put in, but greatly increase the selling price.

  • saf

    Nice house.

    I’m glad I’m not looking to buy or sell, because I just cannot cope with these prices, so I can’t tell if it’s a good deal or not.

    I do note that it is neither federals style, nor in LeDroit Park.

    • Actually the Ledroit Park real estate neighborhood designation includes Bloomingdale. There’s not actually a “Bloomingdale” in the DC tax assessment database. But, yes, most people would think of Ledroit as a couple of blocks to the west.

    • That’s not federal? What’s federal then? I’m confused.

  • ahem…
    did someone actually say mentally retarded on here?

  • “lots of character” and “old details”–that’s a joke, right? Other than the wood banister (which who knows how “old” it is, but it looks like builder’s stock to me), there aren’t even any pictures of anything here. I count 8 interior photos: one of a dishwasher, one of laundry machines, one of a celing fan, one of 3 cabinet doors, two of tables (one in a wood-floored dining room, the other in an 8 foot basement), a pantry, and the wood banister.

    This is the biggest joke I’ve ever seen, and the fact that people are treating otherwise is laughable.

  • look at the upgraded cabinets. upgrayedd.

  • I wouldn’t call 20 year old dingy cabinets and some old dish washer ‘detail and lots of character’. The place is overpriced for the area. You still need to sink a lot of money to bring it up to normal standards.

    I used to live 2 blocks away. Metro is VERY far. Try going to Gtown/etc on the weekend and it will take you 1 hour with the walk and metro wait.

    15 minutes to VA 395? Lies. Even if you hit every light just right in the middle of the night it is not possible. I have a motorcycle and ride like an ass, so I know. Too many traffic lights that slow things down.

    I liked living in the area. It is quiet and residential. Not much there though. Only nice place is Windows Cafe and there’s only so much you can go there. It’s like living in the suburbs.

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