Good Deal or Not? “Expansive wrap-around deck” edition (Reader Request)

This house is located at 3300 13th St, NE:

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The flier says:

“Lovely renovated home on a corner lot located just 5 blocks to the Brookland METRO. A beautiful kitchen w/ Stainless Steel Appliances. Dining area with office nook/built-in storage. Generous living room w/ wood-burning fireplace. 2 BRs upstairs, Spacious master bedroom on main level. 2 full baths. Expansive wrap-around deck. Landscaped yard. Driveway parking. Closets, closets, closets!”

You can find more info here and a virtual tour here.

Wow, I think they did a great job on this one. That deck is pretty killer. Do you like the reno? Does $434,555 sound reasonable for this 3 bed/2 bath?

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  • this is cute!

  • freaking great. when house-shopping last year, i spent awhile poking around brookland hoping to find basically this and not finding it. awesome.

  • Lovely. I was really jazzed about this listing until I realized that the first floor bedroom isn’t really a bedroom. It’s too close to the front door, there is no closet (which is, I think, required in order to call it a bedroom) and the nearest bathroom is on the other side of the kitchen.

    I’d really consider it a two bedroom. But it’s still a very sweet property.

    • yeah i noticed that too. no closet in the master, and the master doens’t have its own bathroom. both aspects seem strange. not to mention the kitchen appears really small for a house that size. i realize they did the best with the what they’ve got, but aspect of the layout just seems odd.

    • Agree with all that.
      Still a sweet property for the right person.

  • Love it. This is a great find at a good price. Only unfortunate part is the front stairway, both its condition (ugh…cement?) and the fact that it simply exists. Other than that, the deck is fantastic, wood fireplace is a major plus, and the renovation makes the whole place sparkle. The addition of a large first-floor bedroom was a good idea, and leaves room for a second story option above it, or skylights too (for those financially endowed).

  • The lot is huge! Imagine the garden you can have. Good price and it appears to be close to the metro.

  • I don’t know the neighborhood, but I love the house. Seems like a good price for almost anything in DC that’s not falling down. If it were MY house, I would use the “master” bedroom as a den, with a nice sleeper sofa for guests. Or maybe a murphy bed!

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  • Is there a driveway? I didn’t notice one… just curious!

  • Don’t think I’ve ever thought this before, but that house is underpriced!

  • The house is adorable. The whole neighborhood is beautiful.

  • Rave – Brookland gets some love! / Kind comments from posters.

    I dig the house too. (pardon my out of place rave)

  • Wow, very close to Metro and Col. Brooks. This place may sell for more than asking price.

  • the neighborhood is great.the deck kicks ass. the house looks like a great deal. winner!

  • I don’t think the house is under-priced. Most of the recent sales in Brookland have been below 400K. For someone with a 400K budget though that doesn’t want a condo, this is def. worth checking out.

  • yeah, I think this is great.

  • great deck but the kitchen is a hot mess. yes, its renovated but if you are a real cook you’d find the space awkward. Not enough counterspace at all. kitchen extends across the dining room area. if you like to bake, hang it up. wood floors are fab — brazilian hardwood I think. Upstairs bedrooms ok, but shared bathroom on the small side.

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