Good Deal or Not? “EVERYTHING is BRAND NEW” Edition (Reader Request)

This home is located at 322 T St, NW:

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The flier says:

“TOTAL Renovation! EVERYTHING is BRAND NEW in this gorgeous two level condo in historic LeDroit Park!Gourmet kitchen, Bosch appliances, travertine marble tile in kitchen & baths, Brazilian cherry floors, custom tray ceilings, heated jacuzzi spa!All bedrooms have en suite full baths, special treats around every corner! Built-ins, custom details, Your own back yard & two gated parking spaces INCLUDED!”

You can find more info here and a virtual tour here.

What do you think of the reno? Does $599,000 sound reasonable for this 3 bed/3 bath condo ($213.83 monthly condo fee)?

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  • I’m leaning toward not. I can’t imagine paying $600k to sleep in a basement. Not in this town, anyway. Plus I have an irrational dislike of vessel sinks. Not to mention the stairs off the kitchen – I am biased as the mom of a toddler, but I’d have a hell of a time rigging a gate there to keep him from falling down the stairs. Not everyone’s concern, I know, but the step up/steps down could still get you on a particularly drunken night.

  • I agree. The place isn’t that bad, but for the first floor and basement unit I think it’s priced too high. 300 block of T street is very nice though.

  • given my obsession with T Street in LDP, I would if I could.

  • a condo on 3rd and t, half of iot basement level, is not worth 600k.

  • should be called, everything is “bland new” edition. 🙂

  • Not sure why someone would pay $600k + Condo Fees to own half a building at this location.

    Maybe it works for someone though.

    • The condo next door just sold for $549 in 22 days. So apparently half buildings in this location are indeed worth quite a bit.

  • how does the 2 unit condo thing work? sounds like a nightmare to me unless you get along GREAT with the people in the other unit.

  • I found the proportions really off in expensive rooms like the kitchen and the bathrooms. Having the bedrooms in the basement is also a deal breaker.

  • Over at 2nd and Rhode Island, you could get a 3br split between the 1st floor and basement for under $400k. Now with this place, you get to be in Ledroit park, the 2 parking spots (value ~$40k),and access to the backyard. All that is worth a lot, but still, I can’t see how you can justify more than $500k, especially because in that price range you’re looking at pretty nice houses.

  • $600K for this in Ledroit Park? No way. For just about the same (or a little more), you can get a whole house with similar finishes (which are awful by the way) in the same neighborhood. I think the realtor and/owner thinks they are selling something in Logan or Eastern Market.

  • just walked by this morning and one of the units is under contract. don’t know whether it is the unit that is the subject of this post.

  • I generally like the renovation and don’t have a moral objection to sleeping in the basement. But 600k for a condo — even a big one — does seem like an awful lot for that location. And my obligatory nit: what gives with the kitchen sink?? Couldn’t they have gone even one size larger? That’s like a bar sink, a tiny dot of sink amidst a sea of granite. I kept thinking there was another sink I was missing, but it appears there is not.

  • Too high but some idiot will pay it. I’m going to be picky again. Splitting a single family home up is bad enough but why the fake columns and some half assed arch. Couldn’t they just leave a brick wall? It just makes me cringe.

  • Agree with the kitchen sink! What on earth is up with that? I really didn’t like this reno at all.

  • Not at all nice.
    Great if it were part of the entire house.

  • 600k will get you a nice house further west in Shaw.

  • while i don’t know the comps well enough to really determine if this is fair, the two-unit condo thing really can be a pain. i had a friend who was in one of these, and had a hard time working out some issues with their downstairs neighbor. it can get ugly when you want to use reserve funds to fix problems, etc.

    can someone who knows the ledroit prices well comment how this would compare with a full rowhouse?

    • I recently bought a 3 level, 2 bed + den/2 bath two blocks north, on elm…for $399k. more or less comparable, though i don’t have parking. LP is nice, but not that nice.

  • well the condo next door just went for $549 (or more – final price is not listed yet) in 22 days:

    and there are two rowhouses on 2nd street at near $1M:

    Go Ledroit!

  • Eric, look at the finishes on the homes you mentioned compared to this ugly thing.

  • Just curious: of how many of you ANGRY and not knowledgeable young renters wishes you could have: this sink, this kitchen stairs (and yes! you can drink in there), the 1800 sqf new condo with two parking featured in here but, can’t afford it??

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