Good Deal or Not? “100% renovated!!” Edition (Reader Request)

This home is located at 23 Randolph Pl, NW:

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The flier says:

“Gorgeous Renovated Colonial w/ offstreet Parking for 2! 100% renovated!! Beautiful custom kitchen w/ Marble Ctps, designer distressed cabinets, & millwork. Exposed brick, hdwd flrs throughout, large windows. 13′ Master ceilings w/ exposed brick. Custom Bthrm w/ glass shelves & marble tile. New Roof, New Windows, New HVAC, New Plumbing, New Electric. Everything brand new!”

You can find more info here and a virtual tour here.

The reader writes:

“From talking to long time residents this house had been vacant for 20-40 years. After numerous “discussions” with DCRA to take care of things like couches/abandoned cars in the backyard, it is awesome to see this place restored! I am curious to see what your readers think.”

Wow, I think the renovation came out great. What do you guys think? I guess I’m just surprised there aren’t 2 full bathrooms. Do you think $519,999 sounds reasonable for this 3 bed/1.5 bath?

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  • Wow. The picture on Google StreetView is pre fix-up and the improvement is amazing.

    Price seems a bit high but I am not an expert in that particular area. Like lots of modern renos it is a bit open for my tastes (I don’t like that people can see literally everything on the first floor from the front door) but that is a personal taste issue.

  • I would say it is about 100,000 overpriced.

  • I think they did a very nice job on the house! (Though like ET, it’s not my style.) Only part I’m not a huge fan of is so much conrete in the backyard, but that might have been pre-renovation.

    • The concrete backyard is going to cost you money once DC Water starts charging based on impermeable surfaces. It would have been nicer and lower cost to the owner to go with brick pavers. How about a little landscaping? They also could have punched another window in the kitchen wall to add more light. I’m not sure why the didn’t carry the cabinets all the way to the door for such a small kitchen; it looks like cheaping out. The multiple transitions on the backyard fence look retarded. I see evidence of a basement, but no actual basement pictures. I don’t see pictures of the other two bedrooms.

      It looks way over priced from the quality of the bathrooms, the location and the square footage.

      • Do you know when DCWASA will finally charge for the impermeable surfaces? And I seem to remember that single residences were going to get a pass – no punishment for such idiotic paving.

        • I believe they already do. I’ll have to double check, but all residents pay the same impermeable surface fee as a function of your sq ft. They assume everyone has the same level of impermeability regardless of actually investing in rain barrels, grass or permeable pavers.

          Commercial is assessed differently.

          • That wasn’t my understanding based on the fact that there was a subsidy for digging up concrete and putting in penetrable pavers.

            It’s already on the WASA bill, but I’m not sure it’s got a number yet. It might be held up by the fact that the feds are refusing to pay this line item on their bill. They’re arguing that it’s an illegal tax, not a charge.

      • About $2.20/month per 1000 sqft of back yard. Hardly a deterrent in buying a house.

      • Not only could they have “punched” another window in the kitchen but they actually FILLED ONE IN! That house had a window in the kitchen as do all the neighboring houses. I guess they wanted more wall cabinet space, but it’s the only thing that looks really strange to me. Other than that the renovation looks nice and I think high 400,000s is very reasonable. It’s a very nice block even if the sidewalks/street look a mess at the moment because of Washington Gas.

  • I think it looks like a great renovation, with a lot of nice trim work. I’m not sure about the price…it looks like this house has no basement (hence the 3BR and only 1.5 baths…in Petworth most houses have the second bathroom in the basement and maybe a half bath on the main floor). But $500K might be reasonable given that it appears to be a good quality renovation. The next block west from here on Randolph Place is on my bike ride home – it’s one of my favorite blocks with a beautiful style of rowhouses, one of the best in Bloomingdale. Now I have to bike past this one on my way home…

  • I agree that it’s probably overpriced but not by $100K. I’d say it goes between $450 and $475. A place on Flagler that was similar but not as updated sold a while back for $425K in only a few days.

  • I would expect a 2nd bathroom as well for 1/2 mil (of course this isn’t true in certain prime neighborhoods but it should be reasonable here)

  • very cute, i love the fireplaces (even though they probably are “just for decoration”)

  • They will get the price. Just down the street, 1st & P, sold for $455k a few months earlier and was a standard home depot renovation w/o the nicer trim, doors, etc. and it was only a 2br.

  • Not such a bad price, but it is too high in my opinion…

    The lack of a bathroom certainly damages the value, however, the seemingly high end finishes and 2 parking spots do make up for that fairly well.

    A house on the Unit Block of Todd Place NE recently sold for $490,000 and it wasnt nearly as nice as this place and had no parking. There were multiple (2 I think) full baths and a half bath.

    I would say that this place goes for between $465,000 and $525,000

    Those who think this place is 100,000 over priced are dreaming.

  • Agree with Eckington. Anyone who gets this house at this price should be happy. Given the market this is very fair. Moreover, expect to see another 10-20k in equity once the firehouse finally opens up. Not quite joking…

    • If the firehouse actually ever opened, expect more than that… but I wouldnt start spending liberally now expecting that pay out… I’ve lost all hope of that project ever going forward.

      • well, i wouldn’t buy here expecting for the development of the firehouse. or even the two nearby streetcar lines that are proposed.
        but its a great block.
        baraki will open on first street, and boundary stone on rhode island ave, before anything budges on north capitol.

        • When will Baraki open up? I spoke with the guy who was planning to do so last year and he told me May. I’m not sure Baraki’s going to happen.

          • the rumor i heard was that a different guy will be opening baraki and hopefully this year. again, i wouldn’t bank on it, as it could just as easily never happen.


    • I need that laugh about the firehouse, thanks. My money on what’s opening in order is:

      short term
      1. Big Bear gets a license
      2. Boundry Stone.
      3. Baraki
      4. Street cars
      5. Firehouse

      • Definitely street cars before firehouse. If we can get over the hump on teh H Street line, 7-12 years down the road, street cars will be all over. Though, in 13 years, the firehouse will still be an eyesore.

      • Firehouse just got a newly inked lease for a restaurant.

        • do you know any details on that?
          or when it may happen?

          • a rumor via the eckington civic association was that they will be applying for a liquor license soon. not sure how thats possible, but i’ve not seen how much they’ve actually renovated.

  • One of the nicer renovations I have seen. At least it is not generic. No idea on the price

  • Check out the city tax on the property listing: $31,788 it’s a steal! ha ha. I would say $420 to $450 it could be yours.

    He paid $235,000 for the shell in April. Might have put $80-$100 K in to it…

    This builder claims to not accept escalation offers. That is of course a lie.

    • He put more than 80-100k into it… far more. Maybe as much as $250,000… (though I doubt it was that high) I was in this place well before it sold. t was a total nightmare – I wouldnt be surprised if it was completely gutted. I believe it needed a new roof too. Who knows if there were problems with the wood or foundation.

      • There’s nothing in the pictures to suggest $250k unless he overpaid his subs.

      • you can see from the photos that it was gutted. Gutting is always cheaper than fixing. A new roof for a builder is likely $5K or less. They are operating at an economy of scale.

      • The house was gutted by the city. It was empty for more than 40 years (since the early 60s) and about 5 years ago the city came in and gutted the entire property to stabilize it. The roof had completely collapsed and the second floor had gone through the first — complete with a lot of property, beds, wardrobes, clothes, that had been left in there for decades. (It was locked in a probate dispute for all these years that only got more complicated as more people died and passed on to their heirs.)

        So when it was sold for $230k a few months ago a lot of the hard work had been done. Everything had been cleared out, a new roof put on and new floors and stairs built. That said, it looks like the stairs were moved. There was no plumbing or electricity remaining after the city cleared everything.

        • Then I’m not even thinking of the correct house. There’s an identical one to it (in shape) on the block somewhere that is basically falling apart slowly on the inside, but isnt completely empty.

  • As one point of reference, the GDON house as 74 W St NW, which commentators thought was similarly overpriced at $445K, went under contract in five days.

  • Seems a little high. The area isn’t too pleasant, but it’s changing everyday.

  • Ragged dog: Is there still a subsidy for digging up concrete? My neighbor hates her conrete-ed backyard and wants to pull it up, but is nervous about the costs. Any clue in which bill the subsidy would be mentioned?

  • Small but cute. They at least gave it some character. It doesn’t look like your typical reno. It’s a little overpriced but turnkey. They should get their money.

  • We live on Randolph Place…a house just sold (#134) for 594k …but had a finished basement and 2.5 baths. I disagree with previous writer. The street may currently look ‘marginal’ and that is because it is dug up as we await new gas lines and sidewalk….but it is filled with long time residents, professionals, young families, gay, straight, black white….not a drug dealer in the mix. Come walk around.

  • maybe it is just the photos and looks different in-person, but the dining room table and chairs look like they’re built for little people or a doll-house. is that a normal-sized table and chairs or are they all small versions?

  • This block is really pretty and it is clear they sunk a lot of money into the place. Not sure about the price, but it’s a great house at a nice location. I live near here, on a sketchier block, and have to say that the neighborhood is pretty low-key and quiet overall so I wouldn’t worry about that too much.

  • @Matt, I listed the house on Flagler that sold for $425k within a few days. That was almost exactly a year ago (listed over 4th of July weekend). In relation, that property needed a significant amount of work, whereas this one was completely gutted.

    I don’t usually comment on GDoNs, but I share an alley with this one and have represented buyer clients on either side of this property, so I know a lot of people who are happy to see 23 Randolph made livable. The agent/owner/builder is Kenny Silbert. He’s done a few properties around Brightwood. They do a beautiful job.

  • I like the use of brick, but the wide open floor plan isn’t for me. And does anyone, anywhere, really like those cheap white hollow doors that are included in every renovation?

    Should go for well under $500k, although the right buyer might go for the whole turnkey convenience factor.

  • I’d bet money this place sells at or above asking price. $50 min bet please. Maybe 25% chance that it sells for less.

    Anyone who thinks this area is terrible needs to take a walk through that way. Also take a look at the crime reports map for more evidence.

    Homes needing a gut have been selling for around 100k less around this area. You’ll have to go to Petworth for new renovations fetching a lower value.

    Overall, the market has recovered (rebubbled?) as much as more in demand areas are maxed out.

  • its now listed at 500,000.

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