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The Christian Science Bookstore (I think it was a bookstore) has been vacated at 1405 Park Road, NW. It’s a small storefront so it’ll be interesting to see what will move into this space.

And Up Against the Wall clothing store has closed up at 2301 Georgia Ave, NW. Though I think they still have a Georgetown location at 3219 M St, NW. City Paper’s Housing Complex noted that retail on lower Georgia Ave was pretty sad. It really is amazing that having Howard University nearby wouldn’t support a more vibrant retail scene.

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  • that entire area need a huge project to boost everything around there. Its really depressing.

  • Up against the wall was interesting – it thrived 3-4 years ago, but their entire chain opted for a younger style of clothing, which didn’t necessarily cater to the Howard students.

    Believe it or not, Georgetown has a flourishing scene when it comes to looking like a subway map. The UATW there does very, very well. However, it has competition up there.

    • I remember Up Against the Wall being trendy when I moved here in 1995. I also remember it being pricey. Students are resourceful they probably can beat the prices shopping on-line for the same trendy items sold at the store.

  • RE: photo #1. It was a Christian Science Reading Room — http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Christian_Science_Reading_Room.

  • Howard is the reason most of the places are leaving. They own the building. They keep raising the rent and have a very high CAM charge. This is why most of the tenants have left.

  • The Christian Science space will remain vacant indefinitely, just like the former furniture store space (an absolutely prime retail or restaurant space). I’ve heard the owners of that building do nothing to market vacant spaces and really have no interest in even trying to attract tenants.

  • developers are picking up places at bargain prices right now. i give that place 6 months before it’s occupied. anyone want to bet me?

  • Why does it seem like Howard University is the black hole of all development in the area? Do they really own all the buildings along GA Ave? What benefit do they get from having the area be a complete shit hole? You would think having a beautiful, safe, vibrant community around their campus would only help them by attracting more students and revenue. But maybe not.

  • Retail does not mean anything to the Howard development plan, therefore they will raise rent and not perform any upkeep if they own the building. They are still working on the old mentality of that you only have to walk 10 feet after parking your hummer, therefore a parking lot at every corner is ideal!

  • Ace in DC,

    Howard University should start by making the center of their campus more vibrant. It currently isn’t. It is too car centric with surface parking lots lining or adjacent to most of the streets on their campus. The look of Howard University has look depressed for as far as I remember. If the campus doesn’t look vibrant and cohesive, the immediate community around it won’t either until they get their act together.

    Why does Howard University have so many surface parking lots in front of its buildings. I thought about it having to do with a lot of blacks associating having and owning a car as prestigious and value that more than having a walkable and vibrant campus. The campus looks more like a commuter school more than a thriving entity.

    A great master plan could be done for the campus to make the look and feel of the campus better and would also make the university more competitive with the great schools already in Washington, DC. But, maybe the school board doesn’t think of itself in that way. The Board needs to have that vision to make a more thriving campus.

    The Howard University dorms (Howard Plaza Towers) that are to the west of Georgia Avenue are hideous looking and too far separated from the main campus.

    I just did a walking tour of the campus this past weekend, and I left with a bad impression. The campus does have some good bones to work with, but the buildings added in the 80’s and 90’s take away from those good foundations. Some of them should be torn down and replaced. Additionally, some other building on campus don’t even have windows at street level and just have blank brick walls.

    It is indeed unfortunate, and I think the lack of vision from the people in charge at Howard hold back the community at large from progress.

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