Petworth Section of Georigia Ave’s Great Streets Improvement Project Begins

Map from DDOT via GGW

Holy cow, not sure how I missed this. Greater Greater Washington’s Kent Boese reports:

On May 17, 2010, work on the $7.9 million Middle Georgia Avenue Great Streets project began. The project is expected to last approximately 18 months and will include the area between Webster Street and Otis Place, NW, and include Upshur Street between 8th and 9th Streets.

The greatest changes will come to two triangular parks along Georgia, one at Upshur and 9th and the other at Varnum and Kansas Avenue. Both will get new landscaping and the sidewalks realigned.

Most significantly, 9th Street will be closed to traffic at the tip of the triangle, where it splits off Georgia at a narrow angle. That will become community greenspace, including one of several bio-retention ponds.

The project will consist of roughly three phases starting at Webster Street and working south.

Lots more great info and maps here.  This community greenspace is gonna make for a great Petworth Farmer’s Market, hopefully, starting June 25th.

Update: Thanks to a reader comment, you can track progress on this project here.

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  • Excellent.

    Petworthians unite and rejoice !

  • That’s great news. Park View better be next!

  • As a resident of Columbia Heights, I shake my head pityingly at your optimism. Tell me how you feel 13 months into the endless construction. 😉

    I’m sure the end product will be wonderful, but in the meantime, welcome to the construction jungle.

    • The construction jungle is indeed insane.

      Seems it would’ve been much better to just declare some kind of intense martial law on the neighborhood. SHUT IT ALL DOWN, close all streets, deny access to EVERYONE. Do the job, tear up the streets, fix everything, pay the overtime, and wrap it up in a week or two. City reimburses the businesses for the forced closure (which I’d wager balances out against the $$$ impact of prolonging the madness for months & months) and we all walk away champions.

      that said, bring on the trucks to Georgia Ave. Let’s DO THIS THING, dammit.

    • saf

      I lived through the construction of the metro station.

      It does suck.

  • But it’ll be worth it in the end.

    When government says 18 months it may well be two years.

    In Adams Morgan, the 18th Street Streetscape from Florida Avenue to Columbia Road was supposed to commence in Autumn of last year. It hasn’t yet, and it’s Summer 2010.

    But so long as the project is funded, it’s very good news for Petworth.

  • holy cow I am stoked! Having more trees and greenspace around the Petworth Metro is the most exciting part of this project. Hell, I’d even help them plant the trees! wooohooo!

  • excellent link from DDOT to their “DTAPS” progress dashboard site…follow any major construction project by ward!

  • This is great news but what is the plan for the sidewalk surface? Anyone else think its kind of odd with each streetscape corridor ending up with its own sidewalk surface? Adams Morgan will all be pebble surfaced. Columbia Heights with the Yellow Pavers that I frankly think are ugly and already stained with gum and spit. And its extra weird when it stops abruptly and joins up with the regular sidewalk.

    • What kills me about the CH pavers (which I agree are ugly, and predictably covered in gum — constantly amazes me that people aren’t civilized enough to simply place their gum in one of the numerous garbage cans on that stretch) is that they ripped out a FAR more attractive darker red brick sidewalk that Kenyon Square had installed. Uggghhh. I hope folks at least learned a few lessons from the CH project, like don’t rip up and reconstruct the same stretch of road four times over two years, don’t install zillions of superfluous modern lighting fixtures (all of which are right next to other types of lighting) that weren’t in the initial design and only make the area more jumbled / less attractive / less coherent… I could go on. But the key is, you can’t count on the design the city puts out there on the web, and you’ve gotta stay on top of what is happening …

      still, overall this is great news and should be transformative for Georgia Avenue …

    • gotta agree about the crappy CH paving stones. The ones on the Target side of the street already look like sh-t and many of them are loose and/or cockeyed, making the sidewalk look crappy. There are also markings on many of the stones that look like maintenance workers’ notations for repairs. Jeesh. Sh-tty job all-way-round.

      And anyone been to the CH fountain lately? I didn’t want to be a Negative Nelly about it when it was discussed here a while back, but the whole area was strewn with trash, cigarette butts and covered with squished gum, splattered yogurt and various other dried fluids. I don’t know why people have to be so trashy around here… I don’t have much faith in urban areas looking nice for very long.

    • Actually Adams Morgan is not to be pebble surfaced, but a return to parallel parking allowing for “16 foot wide tinted exposed aggregate sidewalks with 22 foot bulb outs at intersections”.

      • It was my understanding that the rest of the Adams Morgan streetscape was to match the bulb out by Adams Mill and The Exxon. They have the pebble surfaced sidewalks which match the Ellington Bridge. I’m thinking “exposed aggregate” is construction speak for pebble surfaced sidewalks. Which I think is what is going in at H Street as well?

  • Excellent – I’ve been wondering why they are tearing up GA Ave with jackhammers and have blocked off the tree boxes. Looks like it’s going to be lovely!

  • Fellow Petworth Residents: I hope and pray you don’t have the same contractor that is doing the streetscape in Columbia Heights. If so, I’ll see you in an endless construction victim support group soon.

    Another warning: Once Petworth is on the up and up, don’t let Jim Graham come by and give you more Section 8 housing. He is known to do just that…

    • saf

      We will. They’re “DDOT Preferred” That is, if you’re talking about Ft Myer. I don’t know much about Civil.

      Also, We’re Ward 4, not 1.

  • Very excited to see progress on this! Calls for patience are definitely warranted – when I bought my house in 2005 the Park Place development was already planned and approved, and 5 yrs later just getting the first businesses opening. You can already see the beginnings of the project in the spray painted lines all over Georgia Ave. I saw something listing “conduit work” – I guess all kinds of wiring? It will get a lot worse before it gets better but I’ll be very happy to see the final results. One day!

  • They waited this long, why couldn’t they have waited until after Caribbean Carnival?

  • Very good point.

  • YAY!!!!!! It is a good thing! xoxoxox Martha

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