Get Ready for the Fireworks!

There are a few constants every Summer: it’ll be hot and there’ll be lots of fireworks. You can see a map of licensed stands here. Licensed or unlicensed there are always tons of fireworks starting around this week and lasting a week or so after the 4th. Some people love ’em, some people hate ’em. All I’m saying is get ready for ’em…

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  • Now what I don’t understand is why the stand at 2305 New York Avenue, NE is allowed to be 30 feet from gasoline pumps?

  • Of course, the real stand is about 70mi just across the PA border on I-70.

  • I like how there’s only one licensed stand on Georgia Avenue, when in reality, there will be 450890458 stands selling fireworks at 2am.

    My favorite last year was driving by and seeing someone selling fireworks to an apparently unsupervised child who wasn’t tall enough to reach the counter. Nice.

  • Sheer ignorance. I spend every 4th of July as far away from the District of Columbia as I can.

  • I hate fireworks. I would be just fine with me if they disappeared from the face of the earth.

  • who enforces (ha!) the fireworks laws in DC? is it MPD, or DC Fire? I know that some cities have a “fire police” under the fire dept who enfore city codes as they relate to this sort of thing, investigate arsons, etc.

    seems like whomever it is really doesn’t do anything. DCRA license the legal ones, but who enforces the illegal ones?

  • so I guess this means that the one set up at 11th and Vermont is NOT legit?

  • This brings to mind all of the stupid things my friends and I did with fireworks every 4th of July when I was young.

  • Every year in my NE neighborhood they start going off a couple of weeks before the 4th and continue at least a week afterwards. As a whole, I got nothing against fireworks. They don’t do much for me anymore, but I remember loving them as a kid.

    My problem is with the free for all, and the fact that the cops, fireman could care less about everyone shooting off in the streets for weeks straight. Especially those pipe-bombs, that sound like a cannon just went off right outside your door. Besides being illegal and dangerous to whoever’s using them, it scares the shit out of my pets, and most importantly, wakes up my neighbor’s newborn.

    On the 4th of July, sure, have at it. The whole weekend of the 4th, that’s stretching it, but whatever. But a whole month of this shit, gets to be old.

  • You know – no one anywhere regulates illegal fireworks. Not here, not Jersey, Not New York.

    There are too many and its only for a short period of time, and really, more people are hurt by sparklers than the illegal ones. And if you get your hand blown off by a quarter stick – why should anyone else but your mom care? I’ve never even heard of a house burning down.

    The bigger problem on the 4th – and ask any cop – is the drinking. Domestic violence, fights at bars and picnics are all over the place. These are the majority of calls.

    We should stick to worrying about real problems than fake fears that are pushed to us to sell ratings – like the DANGEROUS fireworks that will launch high enough into the sky to take out satellites.

  • saf

    I love the 4th. I love fireworks.

    That’s all – just wanted to be the voice of the other perspective.

  • Also watch out for the retaliation shootings on July 5th (or any holiday in DC). People borrow money on Friday to buy drugs to sell for the holiday weekend, and then when they can’t cough up the dough in a few days, they get shot. Learned this from riding shotgun with a UPI (remember them?) stringer who would follow police radio calls in DC.
    A friend told me that gang captains will buy tons of illegal fireworks just to show off and stake their turf. Best places for “illegal fireworks shows”: Petworth and NE Capitol Hill near 8-10th Street. Look out for bottlerockets landing on your roofdecks!

    • We must have competing fireworks shows. On 11th, they block of the street.

      Nothing is as terrifying as driving in on 295 during the melee though.

    • Oh yes, I promise you that more than half of the really good fireworks displays are financed completely through drug money. On my block once the drug gang was in rehab the fireworks display stopped. I mean, really, what other adult man is going to drop $200 on illegal fireworks if not the drug dealer?

    • how many fires in the district have actually started because of bottle rockets landing on roofs?

      i know people are scared of that, but what is the reality?

  • I second that emotion, saf.

    I love love love the fireworks on the Mall. People might say beware of flocks of stupid tourists or the heat or crowds or [insert other annoying thing/person here] but for the last six years straight, it’s been awesome. Every year.

    • saf

      I used to go to the mall. Not since 2001. The Security theater is more than I can take. So we stay home and bbq and light fountains.

      It really makes me nuts, because I so loved the mall fireworks. I hope some day we come to our sense about security.

      • Security Theater… that is stupid. I too have gone most evey year of my life and despite the security gates you must pass through, it is still the same great event.

        For the last five years I have waited no more than a few minutes.

  • The official fireworks are nice, but for me the 4th wouldn’t be the 4th without all the competing “unofficial” DC neighborhood displays. If you can, find a roof deck or hang out at Malcolm X park, where you can see a lot of neighborhoods at once. Shaw and Columbia Heights always pull through. Or sit outside at Wonderland or just roam around and watch right up close. It’s a little like being in a war zone, but it is also awesome. I love it. Enjoy!

  • I’ll donate to any council member who pledges to work with Fenty to ban fireworks.

    My cats hate them and so do I…

  • I love the idea of fireworks, (sparkly and pretty) but I don’t like how just anyone can shoot them off in our alley and street with little knowledge of safety measures and complete disregard for overhead trees and other people’s houses. I am always terrified our house with catch on fire.

  • This is another reason why I’m moving out of the city that weekend. No more dealing with teens and adults shooting fireworks at me or my home. I plan on watching the fireworks at Solomons Island from my boat on the Patuxent that weekend.

  • this year has been far quieter than years past. so far.

  • I pray for a 3-day hurricane every July 3-5.

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