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Featured Property: 2359 Ashmead Pl NW

Original List Price: $845,000.

List Price at Contract: $845,000.

List Date: 03/26/2010

Days on Market: 7

Settled Sales Price: $950,000.

Settlement Date: 05/17/2010

Seller Subsidy: $0.

Bank Owned?: No

Type Of Financing: Conventional

Original GDoN is: here.

Listing is: >here. To see pics, click on the listing, then click on the main pic and scroll on the arrows.

My very favorite kinds of houses are those with, shall we say, “possibility”. This sentiment seems to be shared by commenters on the original Good Deal or Not (GDoN) post, many of whom drooled over this one. This house has not only the location thing going for it, and of course, it’s humongous, but perhaps more importantly, it has that elusive indescribable thing that people sometimes refer to as character. (Not insignificant is that it is reported to be located within the Oyster school district, where Michelle Rhee’s kids attend). Clearly a grand house in its day, I truly hope that the new owner does restoration in the process of renovation.

There was some discussion as to whether the property will remain a single family or will it be converted to multiple units. The agent who represented the purchaser was Anthony Bozzi of CityLights Realty Group. I’m hoping that Anthony will check in here and give us the scoop.

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  • I’d be willing to bet it’s going to be converted into something ridiculous like 12 condos. Paying that much for a place that needs that much work would indicate as much.

  • Even re-reading the original GDON comments about the actual condition inside, I still covet this place. And I guess that’s how people wind up owning money pits – an irrational love of a house and all that it could be wins over common sense.

    I am not ever going to check back to see if it’s been turned into condos so I can continue to imagine it restored to its full potential…

  • It will be chopped into condos. Look at the CityLights listing for 57 Bryant Street NW and you’ll get an idea of what it might look like.

  • It’s going to be 4 units- the developer is Capitol City Real Estate. They also bought the two adjacent ones on Mintwood Place a few blocks away.

  • Correction- It’s Capital City (I spelled it wrong)

  • Plans are not finalized yet. It will be BEAUTIFUL when done and restored on the exterior to near original condition. The project will fit very well into the community. Our new website will be up and running soon. If you would like more info keep an eye on

  • I’ve loved this house for a long time; I lived 1/2 a block up the street for years. A very sweet older couple had owned it and lived there for decades; he was in failing health, she was doing her best to keep it up. I’m glad to see they sold it, and that they’ll be getting that much more than their asking price.

  • I was born in to 1918 Belmont Rd. in the 50s, and spent many a happy hour as a child playing in 2359 Ashmead with one of the Malakof (sp?)kids…Mart, I think.
    Even as a small child I loved this house (ah, the many nooks and crannies!)and wished I could own it one day. Alas, it’s not meant to be, but I am so pleased that it will be restored, at least the exterior, to what it once was. It’s got to be the best house in the neighborhood, with the old Crespo house (across the street from the back) coming in second.

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